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Two contrasting business

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Essay, Pages 5 (1056 words)



Essay, Pages 5 (1056 words)

Willen hospice cares for people who can no longer get their illnesses treated. They work around Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire. Willen Hospice is a charity and a charity is a business that requires funds from the NHS and general people who donate, it is also non-profitable business. Willen Hospices aim and objective is: “Our vision is to be the lasting and thriving provider of free care to all people affected by life limiting illness in our community. This will be made possible by a community working together continually to share in the delivery of the most assuring, equally accessible and advanced care available.

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” The purpose of Willen Hospice is to care and help people who have a life limiting illness or even elderly people who are unable to do things themselves. They provide care for people from the age of 18 years upwards and this focus on four key areas: specialist symptom control, emotional support, spiritual support and care for carers.

The ownership of Willen Hospice is all trustees, The Hospice Trustees are responsible for the governance of the Hospice and they form the Council of Management. Their role is to ensure that the Charity functions within the law in accordance with the Charity Commission rules and also that the resources are managed efficiently. They meet quarterly and hold an AGM in August of each year. The Council determines the strategic direction and ensures policies and procedures are in place to manage risk. Various sub-committees, each with a Trustee representation, work to monitor the different aspects of the Hospice.

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The Council elects Trustees for a 3-year term of office renewable at the AGM.


Tesco is a supermarket that is known very well for its quality and good prices, it is the second largest retailer in the world. Tesco has a large part in the market share (30% UK) which is a very high status. With over 6300 stores worldwide, Tesco’s purpose is to offer quality products and services at a reasonable price. Their aims and objectives are: “Our vision is for Tesco to be most highly valued by the customers we serve, the communities in which we operate, our loyal and committed staff and our shareholders; to be a growth company; a modern and innovative company and winning locally, applying our skills globally.” The purpose of Tesco is to provide a retail service that fulfils the needs of the customer in many ways. They provide what normal supermarkets do, but they have extra services, e.g. Tesco mobile, Tesco insurance. Their ownership is a PLC (Public Limited Company), a public limited company is a business that is well known and it is a business that freely sold to the public.

Tesco’s ownership is based in a lot of shareholders. The shareholders own the business and the Chairman runs the business, ensuring its effectiveness while taking account of the interests of the Group’s various stakeholders, and promoting high standards of corporate governance. Tesco’s chairman is Sir Richard Broadbent. They have an annual AGM meeting which is where the shareholders can discuss any problems that have occurred during the year. The PLC board is made up of; The Chief Executive, he leads the development of strategy and manages all aspects of the performance and management of the Group. Non-executive Directors, they have the wide range of skills and experience necessary to enable them to provide constructive challenge, scrutinise performance and help to develop their strategy. The Company Secretary, he is responsible for developing, implementing and sustaining high standards of corporate governance.

P2- “Describe the different stakeholders who influence the purpose of two contrasting businesses” M1 – “Explain the points of view of different stakeholders seeking to influence the aims and objectives of two contrasting organisations” A stakeholder is a person, group or organisation that has an interest in your organisation. Stakeholders have needs and expectations and can be internal or external to your organisation. In Willen Hospice the different stakeholders would be:

The Patients, because they want to be taken care of for the illnesses they have, they want to be able to see their family whenever they want. The Workers/Nurses, because they want Willen to provide them with pay (if they are not voluntary workers). They also want Willen to provide them with a safe environment to work in. The Family, because they want to be able to see their family member that is in care with willen, they want Willen to take good care of their family member and for willen to provide the member with what they need to live a comfortable life. They also want to visit any time they want. The Suppliers, because they want willen to provide them with the money they are owed in time, people that supply willen are the drug suppliers and people that supply beds and equipment.

So these people also want willen to buy their products from them when they need it. The Trustees because they want the owners to run the business well and they don’t want the owners to waste any money. They also want the Nurses to be taking good care of each patient since they have a big interest in Willen’s service because they are giving up their time to be a trustee. The Donators, because they want their money that they have donated to be used accordingly towards helping patients and family’s that are suffering, they don’t want their money to be wasted on salaries or other expenses. NHS are a big donor because they give 33% of the money they use, they want exactly what the donors want above. The important stakeholders in Tesco would be:

The customer because they want the goods that they buy to be what it says on the packaging, they want the business to Another stakeholder would be the employees, they want a safe environment and good pay for the work that they do. Another stakeholder would be the suppliers; they want good profit from Tesco and they want Tesco to pay them on time. The owners are also important stakeholders because they are affected by the problems that occur in their store, even problems with Tesco cause the store to have small issues. The owners also want their store to be working perfectly because they want a profit from the amount of sales within the store.

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