Two Complementary Therapies

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Acupuncture – this technique is also considered to be a complimentary therapy. Acupuncture is a type of an ancient Chinese medicine that has been practiced for thousands of years by the Chinese. This technique is basically where you inject refined needles that have been sterile into the patient’s body. Practitioners use this method to master a bunch of both medical and health conditions like depression, arthritis and tendonitis and much more. It is commonly used to treat conditions that have something to do with pain like headaches and chronic back pains.

There are some advantages that come with acupuncture.


Acupuncture gives relief to the patient from bodily and psychological sickness. It is also a biological alternative to medications and this is because this technique is concentrated to reduce the patient’s pain naturally. Studies done by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) uncovers that acupuncture has inferior hostile effects on the patient’s body, as evaluated to the recommended medications and any additional therapeutic methods comprehended for nursing related conditions.

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Acupuncture is similarly valuable for people with a weak immune system. It also increases ones stamina, it restores your energy and legalize hormones and increases the immune system of the patient’s body.

Positive evidence:

There is rationally useful evidence that acupuncture is a successful treatment for things like chronic back pains, headaches, dental pains and nausea and vomiting. Systematic tests conducted to analyse the result of acupuncture on these illnesses discovered that acupuncture had a favourable effect. Although because of differences over the way acupuncture tests should actually be delivered out and over what the gathered findings mean, the evidence that they have doesn’t actually tolerate us to draw final outcomes.

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Some scientists suppose that useful evidence can only be present for nausea and vomiting after an operation. Some other scientists do believe that there is not enough evidence to support that acupuncture can be used to help with any conditions. There is also going to be disadvantages when there are advantages.


Acupuncture can only be safe if it is done by an experience and licensed acupuncturist. How effective the acupuncture is something that cannot be generalized. The way it affects the patient varies because everyone’s different. The needles that are used for the technique should also be non-toxic and it should only be used once and they should also be properly sealed tightly and labelled.

The patient may get various infections and diseases if the needles that have been used on them have been previously used and non-sterile. Acupuncture is not suitable for people suffering from bleeding disorders and it is also not really the best thing to have if the patient has any damaged body parts like broken bones. If the needles are improperly placed on the person’s body, it could even lead to bleeding and painful feelings and even swelling in the areas where the needles come in contact with.

Negative evidence:
There is some useful evidence that this technique does not actually work for: Getting someone to stop smoking
Getting someone to lose weight
Rheumatoid arthritis

This could mean that when systematic experiments were done to see if acupuncture could have helped patients in these cases, they have discovered that the treatment had no desirable effect to the patient. It has also been said that along with the positive evidences, this evidences does not permit them to end with a definite conclusion as they need more research in the effectiveness of acupuncture for specific conditions.

The Role of Acupuncture:

The role of acupuncture goes down in visions network is one of improvement and balance of the body. This technique allows the patient’s body to rectify the way it acts on an everyday basis by renewing the minds interaction with the body. After a certain ailment has been significantly improved up to the point where the symptoms are not even conspicuous, acupuncture functions to balance the body so that the alterations may be long-lasting beyond the treatment itself. Patient teaching is an essential part of the healing procedure.

Deliberately knowing how to diet, exercise and sleep can have an impression on the patient’s physical and mental health and this is a vital tool to uphold one’s health and vitality. People used to believe that acupuncture works by conserving and balancing the movement of Qi in the person’s body. Qi is basically an idea that is hard to interpret it to other people who do not have much of a grasp on it. It is usually associated with vital energy and has also been included with different western traditions of philosophy. The idea of Qi is a lot more complicated. But it intersects both living and non-living objects in nature and universe.

The Effectiveness of Acupuncture:

Overall, I think that acupuncture indulges in a prime role of acupuncturist in finding out to what degree the patients are involved in acupuncture medications and how to carry out the process of putting in the needles around specific areas in the patient’s body correctly.

There has been an argument that this technique spreads further than needling with various therapist-associated that is not specific to the issues being essential to the therapy which can also possibly affect the results.

The main role of the people who practices acupuncture in acupuncture medication explains this statement. Practitioner’s keen role in this technique wants an effective group of patients, which exceedingly improves participation of patients in acupuncture medications and the whole sequence of a specific acupuncture technique time is really that of the same collaboration between the practitioner and the patient. An inclusive view at the role of the practitioners gives a new view to examine this technique, which is acupuncture treatment, which is of immense significance for both clinical practises and investigation on acupuncture.

There is like systematic evidence that this technique, acupuncture, is quite effective for a minimal amount of health conditions. Although, most of the health conditions where acupuncture is used, the systematic evidence is quite questionable or there has also been no effort to try and collect useful evidence about acupuncture. Although for a minimal amount of illnesses, there is useful evidence that acupuncture does in fact not work for them. The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) have said that acupuncture is an “effective treatment for persistent lower back pains”. It has also been said that when people uses treatments and feel better, this could be because of an occurrence called the placebo effect and not due to the technique itself.

Homeopathy – this technique is also classed to be another type of a complementary therapy. It helps patients by dealing with the cause of their problem/illness by using mild but powerful types of purposely decided medications that causes no side effects at all. The medication that the patients have digested balances and improves their immune system. This technique is a method of medication which incorporates treating the patient with heavily diluted chemicals in a form of a sugar pill with the aim of setting the body’s natural healing process in motion. There are some advantages that come with homeopathy.


This technique is basically thought as to be one of the safest types of medications. Homeopathic remedies are concentrated at enhancing the patient’s body’s own healing ability to be able to combat against specific diseases. Medicines that are used with homeopathy are quite safe and do not actually come with any harmful chemicals. These medications does actually not restrain the pain but it reinforces the patient’s immune system and doctors the reason of the ailment. Homeopathic medicine is quite safe for kids, adults and even gravid women.

These homeopathic medicines do not give any side effects at all. Homeopathic medicines are all quite effortlessly easy to use. The medicines used basically comes in the shape of a tiny pill and this shape is quite useful to carry and also quite easy to consume at a prescribed time. This type of treatment is also quite cheap comparing to other forms of medication. This technique does actually not require any large outflows. Disadvantages:

There is a shortage of foundations that practices these specialized courses. There are not too many authentic homeopathic medicines that are being prescribed by genuine doctors. Homeopathy needs to be performed by someone who has a great skill in this field and needs a lot of time in hard cases for the practitioner to correctly prescribe for and treat each patient. Another disadvantage of this technique is that it is mentally weak.

The Role of Homeopathy:

The role of homeopathy is basically treating the patient’s ailments by the means of consuming diluted chemicals in the size of a small pill like a sugar pill. Whilst it is the practitioners role to stimulate applicable information by asking thorough questions and the patient can assume a bigger chance of getting a successful homeopathic remedy if the patient is being truthful in telling their physical and mental symptoms. The effectiveness of homeopathy:

There have been a few reviews on how effective homeopathy can be. There is no useful evidence for the notion that ingredients that can relief a few certain symptoms can help to doctor them. There is also no solid evidence for the notion that diluting and shaking the ingredients in water can transform those substances into medicines.

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