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Twitter: Social Media


Twitter has become extremly popular with a lot of tweets announce on a daily basis on different kinds of topics. With the appearance and growth of social media across the globe, stakeholders usually want to expressing their opinions on a well liked social network, particularly Twitter. Since Twitter information is very informative, it presents a challenge for analysis because of its enormous and disorganized nature. This paper is a complete effort to dive into the novel domain of performing sentiment analysis of peoples opinions regarding top colleges in India.

Removal of identical tweets and additionally extension of internet non-standard speech method is allotted.

A probabilistic model supported Bayes theorem was used for orthography correction, thats unmarked in alternative analysis studies. This paper additionally highlights a comparison between the results obtained by numerous Machine Learning algorithms.

Keywords Sentiment Analysis, Machine Learning, Neural Network, Opinion Mining, Twitter.


As internet is growing larger its horizons are becoming wider. Social media has captured eye of the whole world due to its speedy nature in delivering thoughts across the globe, user friendliness and freed from value requiring solely operating net association.

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Twitter is one such well known micro-blogging website obtaining around 500 million tweets per day. Each user features a daily limit of 2,400 tweets and 140 characters Twitter users tweet everyday concerning numerous merchandise, services day to day activities, food, personalities etc. Hence, Twitter information is of nice related because it is utilized in numerous eventualities wherever corporations or brands will utilize an immediate association to virtually every of their consumers or users and thereby improve upon their product.

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Take into account a disappointed client of a telecommunication company registration out his/her injustice about a explicit arranged he/she is signed to. Twitter also

provides real time data, demand of a product/service being provided by a organization. Hence, whether or not stakeholders opinion is positive/negative concerning their offering becomes a crucial and pressing question for the organization to raise and monitor.

Many supposed government and private colleges in India aim towards providing high category education to their students and follow totally different ideologies, methadologies and examination procedures. It becomes extremely vital for the interested student to judge the alternatives on the market to him/her in choosing a university that not solely furnishes the student with the required tutorial or professional skills however additionally provides him/her with the proper reasonably o learning tools according to his/her capability.

Three of the premier colleges in India, namely the All India particularly Institute of Medical Sciences (A.I.I.M.S.), the Indian Institute of Technology (I.I.T.) and the National Institute of Technology(N.I.T.) have been analyzed to search out the users sentiment regarding to the perception of these colleges and the magnitude of these opinions.


Sentiment Analysis is the prediction of feeling in a word, sentence or corpus of documents that has massive scope nowadays. A lot of labor has been place into it and there is an enormous redundant data to minimize the frequency of tweets which may be spam or fake reviews. The tweets also provide information concerning the user, location, time-zone etcetera so as to segregate the user opinion from user information, pre processing was performed on the tweets.

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