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Twilight Saga-Summary Essay

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Twilight is a series of novels which starts out in the perspective of a seventeen year-old girl, Isabella Swan. But she goes by Bella. This story is actually set in the fictional vampire stories. Bella, the main character of the novel, unwillingly decides to live with her dad, Charlie, in Forks, Washington since her mother, Renée, and her husband, Phil, who happens to be Bella’s step-father, move in to another city on business. Phil is a minor league baseball player, and he gets transferred to another team in another city. The main reason that makes Bella move in with her dad, is that she thinks she is keeping her mom from going places with Phil. Before moving to Forks, she almost lived the whole 17 years of her life, in sunny Phoenix, Arizona beside her mom. Bella is a simple, clumsy, skinny, ivory-skinned girl. Although she didn’t relate well to people, she had a friend in Forks, named Jacob Black. They have known each other since they were little . Before arriving at Forks, her dad bought her an old Chevy truck from Billy Black, and had already registered her to a high school there in Forks.

She doesn’t expect anything to change because what could happen in a small town where it never stops raining? But in fact, she was totally wrong. On her first day of school she meets a few people. Later on she meets Mike Newton, Erik Yorkey, Jessica, Angela Weber, and Tyler. She was actually befriended by several students. She asked Jessica a heck of questions about everything in order to find out more about the school and people living in Forks, soon after they got friends. After a few days, when she was sitting in the cafeteria with her classmates, she noticed a bunch of unusually gorgeous people sitting at the corner of the cafeteria. They were Alice, Emmet, Jasper, Rosalie, and Edward Cullen ( the most beautiful of all ). The children of Dr. Cullen. They were all vampires. she couldn’t help staring at them. As soon as she laid her eyes on Edward Cullen, her life changed completely. She fell in love with Edward. At first she tries to avoid Edward, and acts as if he is annoying, but really she is burning inside to get to know him. In biology she was told to sit alongside Edward, since there were no free seats left.

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Because the Cullens are vampires, and so is Edward, he tries to avoid her every single time they face each other, mostly in a rude manner. After a week of being absent from the school, Edward comes to biology class, and apologize Bella for his rude and cruel behavior. Then they become friends with each other. One day when Bella was standing beside her truck, trying to get in it, she noticed Edward standing near his Volvo, staring at her. All of a sudden, she discerns that having lost its control, a car is heading towards her, and is about to hit her. Despite Edward’s distance from the accident, he instantaneously puts his body in front of Bella, trying to save her. To her intense surprise, Edward stopped the car by his hand, without even having a little scratch or scar on his body. Tyler, the kid who almost crashed into Bella, apologized her. This specific event was more than enough to make Bella much more curious about the Cullens. Specially about Edward. Thanks to Edward, they both survived.

Bella went to hospital with minor injuries. When Edward came to see her in the hospital, he tried to convince her that she was just imagining his supernatural speed and strength. But she wasn’t convinced and began to wonder who or what he is. Bella becomes determined to find out how Edward saved her life, and constantly pesters him with questions. That was the very first night that Bella dreamed of Edward. Later on, every time she asked him about that day, he refused to talk more about it. Bella’s science class is doing blood typing, which requires all the kids to draw blood. Edward skips class. Bella feels faint and has to go to see the school nurse. Mike is helping her but then Edward turns up and takes over. Bella starts quizzing Edward about his background and tries to guess what he is – but she’s still a long way off. Jacob tells her the local tribal legends, when they were in a beach in La Push with a few of her friends.

According to the legend, werewolves are the one true enemy of vampires and the Cullens are a family of vampires who, unlike most of their kind, abstain from drinking human blood. That’s the only reason why the werewolves of La Push have allowed them to live in Forks. She looks up vampires on the Internet. Bella concludes that Edward and his family are vampires who drink animal blood rather than human. Even though Edward tells her to stay away, she still tries to talk to him in school, and finds any excuse she can to be near him. Edward confesses that he initially avoided Bella because the scent of her blood was too desirable to him. Edward and Bella fight the attraction they feel for each other before finally giving into their feelings and falling deeply in love in the exact meaning of the word. As far as the school prom was just a few weeks later, Mike and Tyler both asked Bella to the school dance, much to her embarrassment. She decided to go to Seattle the weekend of the dance so this way, she had an excuse to turn them both down. Edward was actually bemused by all the attention Bella was getting.

When he heard her plans, he asked if he could go to Seattle with her, despite his earlier recommendation that they should keep a distance from each other. Bella accepted his offer with great excitement. She makes plans to go to Port Angeles with two of her friends to help them look for dresses to wear at the school dance. In Port Angeles, Bella goes shopping with her friends and then decides to go for a walk. A group of men chase her and are about to attack her when Edward pulls around the corner in his Volvo and drives her away. The two of them go for dinner together. Edward confirms to Bella that he is a vampire and reveals that he can hear people’s thoughts. Bella and Edward continue their conversation, with Bella asking more questions about Edward’s vampire state. She tells him it doesn’t matter to her if he’s a vampire and finally admits to herself that she is in love with him Their love and relationship strengthens, but not everyone is happy about the relationship between Edward and Bella.

Edward’s family is against this relationship. The Blacks don’t seem happy either. On the other hand, Bella’s classmates seem awestruck by their relationship as the two of them become inseparable. Edward tries to convince Bella how much he cares about her. He finds it frustrating not to be able to hear her thoughts, while he can hear everybody else’s, and thinks she’s taking the whole vampire thing way too calmly. He suggests a mystery trip in place of the planned visit to Seattle so he can show her, what happens when he goes in the sun, just to threaten her and make her keep away from him, since he may be a threat for Bella’s life. This time it’s Edward’s turn to ask Bella question after question, though she can’t understand how he can find her human life interesting. He is still not sure if he can be alone with her without hurting her.

He’s afraid of being overwhelmed by his desire for her blood. But Bella’s determined to take the risk, as long as, she is besotted with him. He admits to Bella that when he first saw – or rather smelt – her, he had to fight the urge to drink her blood because it’s so alluring to him. Then He carries her from the meadow to her truck on his back, running so fast that it makes her feel queasy, and they kiss for the first time. When Edward realizes Bella’s feelings about him, his feeling of love toward her expands. Edward tells Bella again, that his family is having trouble accepting their relationship because she’s not one of them (vampires). As long as Bella is curious about him, she asks more about his past and childhood so as to get to know him more. Edward tells her that he was turned into vampire by his father, when he was about 17, back in 1918 and continues to tell more about his past The Cullens have different supernatural powers, each more extraordinary than the other. His sister Alice, foe example, has the gift of premonition. Jasper, can manipulate the emotions of those around him.

One day, Edward sneaks into Bella’s bedroom without Bella and her father knowing about it. They spend the whole night together talking to each other. He tells her that he finds her very attractive, but he can’t be so close to her, he might crush her by accident. He confirms that, it is not because he doesn’t love her anymore. He tells her that it’s his instinctive vampire habits, that makes him that much worried about being close to her. Despite the fact that, his family is a little upset about his decision, Edward decides to introduce Bella to his family, since he is really serious about her. They spend the whole day at the Cullen house so she can get to know the family, one day she may be living with. Carlisle and Esme, and Edward’s sister Alice are very nice to her. But Edward says his sister Rosalie, is jealous of her because she’s human. Later that day, Edward plays the piano for Bella, and shows her around the house.

To her surprise, he tells her the story of Carlisle, who was a minister’s son until he discovered a coven of vampires. One of the vampires bit him, which made him transform into a vampire. Carlisle tried several ways to kill himself but failed, as it’s very difficult to kill a vampire, he suffered a lot. He has never wanted to harm any human being . Once Carlisle discovered that he could survive on animal blood alone, he went to Italy to study medicine so he could do some good in the world. It was while working as a doctor that Carlisle discovered Edward and transformed him into a vampire. Edward stayed with Carlisle for a while but went his own way for about ten years. In that period, he hunted human but only those intent on committing a violent crime, which Edward used his mind-reading skills to decipher. As far as the Blacks are wolves, according to the legend, they are number one enemies of vampires and vice versa, Billy tells Bella to stay away from the Cullens.

But Bella replies that she knows exactly what he is, and that he hasn’t harmed anyone. Days after, Bella introduces Edward to her father as her boyfriend. One day Edward suggests her to come over and see their baseball match, which is played among their family. During the game Bella joins them and finds it really hard to keep up with their pace, since vampires are all very fast in an extraordinary way. The game is actually much faster than a human version of it. All of a sudden, Alice foresees the imminent arrival of a pack of vampires that are passing through the area. The sad part is, that they are not the good kind. They drink human blood. The clock is ticking and they hardly have enough time to take Bella away from them, so they all decide to act like she’s one of them, with the hope of surviving.

The visiting vampires are Laurent, James and Victoria. Laurent seems to be the leader of the pack. At first they seem like, they are interested in visiting the home of the Cullens and promise not to hunt in their territory. The direction of the wind changes, they smell Bella’s scent and find out that she is a human. On the spur of the moment, James seems eager to attack her, but Edward jumps in front of her in a protective stance. Laurent, though surprised by the presence of a human, assures the Cullens that none of them will harm her. However, that night Edward reveals to Bella that he knows, from listening to James’s thoughts, that James is an expert tracker and is intent on hunting Bella. He agrees to take Bella home so she can tell her dad she’s going to Phoenix, where her mother lives.

Bella pretends to break up with Edward in front of Charlie and storms out of the house, telling him she hates Forks and is moving back to Phoenix. Edward takes Bella to their house while Laurent is still in their house. He confesses that James is the real leader of the pack and one of the most dangerous vampires he’s ever known in his life. They know that he’ll kill Bella at all costs and in anyway possible. The first thing the Cullens have to do is to kill James first. Edward, Carlisle and Emmet plan to hunt him while Bella hides out in a hotel room in Phoenix with Alice and Jasper. This, somehow shows their good tenor. Bella wakes up in a hotel room in Phoenix with Alice and Jasper watching her every move. They assure her that the other members of the Cullen family are safe but she can’t stop worrying about them, especially about Edward. In the hotel room, Alice explains that vampires can turn humans into vampires by injecting them with their venom.

She points out that the transformation is excruciating and usually takes a few days. Edward has lost track of James. Alice has a vision of James sitting alone in a mirrored room, which Bella realizes is similar to the dance studio she used to go to when she was younger. This, is around the corner from her mother’s house. Alice has another premonition and this time sees James at the house of Bella’s mum. Bella is distraught. She is getting ready to go to the airport to meet Edward when she gets a phone call from James. He tells her that he has her mother and will kill her if she doesn’t get away from the Cullens and come to her mother’s house alone. Bella writes a letter to Edward telling him that she loves him and asking him not to go after James for killing her. Bella gets a cab to her mother’s house. James tells her on the phone to go to the dance studio. When she arrives there, she finds out that he’s taken a video from her house and used it to trick her into believing he had her mother.

Knowing that her mother is safe, she is relieved. He promises her a slow and agonizing death. He attacks her, slashing her face and breaking her leg, until she finally passes out. Bella puts her mother’s safety before her own and almost dies at the hands of a vicious vampire. After returning to consciousness, she tells Edward that she feels strange. They realize that James has bitten her and she is about to transform into a vampire. Edward sucks the dirty venom out in order to prevent her from having to spend the rest of her life, being a vampire. Bella opens her eyes in a hospital, and sees Edward. Even though he understands her decision of going to James alone, he gets mad at her first. He punishes her by saying to her that they have to go their own ways, and should end their relationship. Edward tries to accept her, the fact that she would be much safer without him. He tells her that the more they are together, the more her life will be at stake.

He actually blames himself for all that had happened to Bella, since he loves her more than anything, and wants what’s best for her. Hearing all these from Edward, Bella tries to make him promise that he will never leave her. As long as Bella wants to clear any obstacles that are put in the way of their relationship, asks Edward why he didn’t allow her to transform into a vampire when he discovered that James had bitten her. Edward blew his top, when he heard it from her. He has always believed that being a human is a great blessing in itself.

He confirms that says he will never allow her to become a vampire. On the contrary, Alice has already foreseen her transformation. Bella strongly believes that she will one day become a vampire in the future. Days pass, and it’s time for Edward to take Bella to prom. Jacob tells Bella that she has to stay away from Edward. Bella insists that he is perfectly safe. Edward tells Bella he took her to the prom because he didn’t want her to miss out on any aspect of being human. She says she wants to be with him forever and would see her transformation into a vampire as a beginning rather than an end. At the end, he promises to never leave her, and puts his lips on her throat, in an attempt to change her into a vampire.

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