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The Twenty-Second of February

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The day started off as usual, I had the usual ‘great’ day at work got back as happy as a bunny, ate my gourmet microwave able lasagne for one, showered and went to bed. When I finally got to sleep after a few sleeping pills I had that same dream yet again. For five years I’ve been having this dream on and off. It was always exactly the same for all of those five years until this night. Usually it starts off with me standing there not far from the edge of a rock face, and all around is the sort of scenery you would expect to see in the Grand Canyon.

Everywhere is this reddish coloured rock and in the distance is the sun just dropping beneath the horizon. A few metres behind me is a pack of about ten vicious, bloodthirsty wolves growling at me. I stare into what appears to be the leaders eyes for less than a second and for that split second everything becomes clear to me and then I lose it, fear and adrenalin rushes through my body and I begin to run.

With only survival on my mind I work my muscles harder than ever until I come to a sudden halt at the edge.

Everything goes silent for another split second and this time I look death straight in the face and from that rock face I watch the rocks that I knocked loose fall down into a never-ending pit of darkness.

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At this point the leader of the pack jumps straight up towards my face with saliva foaming around his moth and I awaken, but this time I turned away and leaped out into the darkness. My velocity was increasing rapidly I could no longer feel my body, it was totally num and there was silence. It was so silent that it was deafening the darkness was blinding and I couldn’t taste or smell a thing.

Then I began to make something out below me it was yellowy brown and now I could feel the wind on my body. ‘Smash’ I landed face first in what tasted like sand. Unbelievably I felt fine although as it was only a dream it wasn’t actually unbelievable. I rolled over onto my back and looked up into the sky from witch I had fallen. The sky was completely clear of anything the cliff was gone there were no stars and no moon. With out a light source I don’t know how I could see, but I could and what I saw was a humongous black cloud forming above me.

Within seconds the sky was filled and it began to rumble lightning was striking all around me. A storm like no other that I had witnessed had began hail stones began to fall. At first these were only the size of pees but in no time they felt like tennis balls filled with lead. I rolled back over onto my stomach I could no longer take the pain and I tried to stand so I could run to safety. This however was impossible as the hailstones were now piled up on top of me. Now I felt my self sinking into the sand due to the sheer weight of the ice that was crushing me.

After a few feet of sinking I dropped into a very small metal chamber that appeared to sealed everywhere including above me. I was only just able to fit inside of it. I couldn’t see it but I felt smoke filling up the space around me within a few seconds I was holding my breath but it was unbearable and I opened my mouth and inhaled. I started to choke and then I began vomiting once, twice, three times then on the fourth I felt more pain than I had ever felt before. My insides were literally turned inside out.

I then drowned with in the cocktail of vomit blood and body parts. I awoke with my sister staring into my eyes. I looked around me turned back to my sister and asked, “What the hell happened? ” She said, “You’ve been in a coma. ” I replied with “for how long? ” She then said “its now the twenty first of February nineteen eighty five. “Shit a whole year has gone, wasted. But how? ” “When you hadn’t turned up for work and you weren’t answering phone calls the police went to check your apartment and found you unconscious in your bed.

Ill speak to you again tomorrow when David gets here, but now you must get some sleep. ” David was my brother and I hadn’t seen him for a very long time in fact I hadn’t seen my sister for just as long. Going to sleep that night was a bad idea. I found myself back in that desert but there were two moons in the sky this time. I looked behind me and there was a fence it had many spikes razor wire and barbed wire all over. I began to turn around and as I did the fence built its self around me. I looked up in to the sky to see my brother falling to the ground then my sister followed him.

As they made their way onto their feet I felt something in my right hand, so I looked down and it was a dagger. My body was no longer my own and something else was causing it to charge towards my brother. Looking out of my eyes I watched the blade forced straight into his torso and the body flew back into the fence. As his body came crashing back down onto the floor I felt control over my body again. I had changed I licked the blade clean and I had the taste for blood. I moved directly towards my sister and plunged the blade straight into her neck. I sucked every last drop of blood from her body.

I turned back towards my barely alive brother picking him up by his neck I thrust his body about 30 foot in the air and as the body came back down head first I awaited ready to launch the blade into his skull. I stood looking at their body’s lying there and then I awoke and their body’s were lying there on the floor inside of the hospital. My sister was completely drained of her blood and my brother had a kitchen knife sticking out of his skull. I looked across to a calendar on the other side of the room and it was the twenty-second of February of the year two thousand.

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