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The Big Bang Theory: Beginning of the Universe

The beginning of the universe is explained in the big bang theory. It is proved beyond doubt that our universe had a beginning and that its origin was as a singularity about 13 billion years ago. This singularity was infinitely hot, small and dense. It had undergone a series of changes, which includes expansion and cooling to become the present form of universe. This theory is called the big bang theory. According to this theory the process of cooling and…...

Four Maxims of Grice's Co-operative (The Big Bang Theory Example)

This essay discusses the four maxims of Grice's co-operative principle and how they are broken. In the first section I describe each of the four maxims. By providing dialogues from an American sitcom 'The Big Bang Theory'; I explain how each of these maxims are broken in various ways. In the second section, I examine how these methods of breaking maxims can overlap one another. In the final section, I conclude on the role that these maxims play in conversation…...

Character, Setting and Style of The Odd Couple

My essay will examine Neil Simon's The Odd Couple, which initially appeared on Broadway at the Plymouth Theatre in New York City in 1965 starring Art Carney (Felix Unger) and Walter Matthau (Oscar Madison). I will utilize a literary analysis which focuses on the principle male character, setting, and style to gain a more official understanding of this story. Overview The Odd Couple principle started as an inspiration from Neil's older brother Danny who was a cool individual and after…...

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Curb Your Enthusiam

In the year 2000, the legendary comedian, Larry David ,created curb Your Enthusiasm. It is a comedy television series produced by HBO about Larry David, starring Larry David himself. He plays himself as a retired comedian producer and writer. The show follows him through his day to day life, which frequently puts him in awkward situations as he often gets annoyed with the status qua and normal social situations. Larry is extremely vocal about his irritations, involving not only him,…...

MTV: Target Market and Demographics

1) MTV has become the icon of cable stations across the country. Their success has been analyzed and reported for many years. MTV began as a venue for record companies to show music videos to advertise their artists. Today, the channel reaches over 70 million United States households. MTV was the first 24-hour, seven-day-a-week commercial channel, because the music videos were seen as advertisements that ranged from artists and record labels to clothing and attitudes. There are many reasons given…...

Son Goku

Goku, known as Son Goku (孫 悟空?) in the original Japanese-language version[1] and in the English language manga, is a character and the protagonist of the Dragon Ball manga series written by Akira Toriyama. He is loosely based on Sun Wukong, a central character in the classical Chinese novel Journey to the West.[2] Goku is introduced as an eccentric, monkey-tailed boy who practices martial arts and possesses superhuman strength.[3] At first, Goku is believed to be an Earthling, but he…...

Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd - Essel Group

I wish to thank my parents for their undivided support and interest who inspired me and encouraged me to go my own way, without whom I would be unable to complete my project. At last but not the least I want to thank my friends who appreciated me for my work and motivated me and finally to God who made all the things possible... Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd It is the second-largest Indian media and entertainment company based in Mumbai,…...

Bones Charater Analysis

Created by Hart Hanson, the series is very loosely based on the life and writings of novelist and forensic anthropologist Kathy Reichs, who also produces the show. Its title character, Temperance Brennan, is named after the protagonist of Reichs' crime novel series. Conversely, Dr. Brennan writes successful mystery novels based around a fictional (in the Bones universe) forensic anthropologist named Kathy Reichs. Bones is a joint production by Josephson Entertainment, Far Field Productions and 20th Century Fox Television. Cast and…...

Blackadder Goodbyeee

Blackadder is a four series BBC1 sitcom that was created in 1983 by Richard Curties and Ben Elton. It attempt to explain Bristish history in a period from 1485 to 1917 in a comedic way. Blackadder Goes Forth has an lampoon approach to the World War I which was an dread event. This lampoon approaching is particularly success in the last episode, Goodbyee, which tells the story of five main character, Captain Edmund Blackadder (Rowan Atkinson), Private S. Baldrick (Tony…...

Grey's Anatomy Serial Review

Grey's Anatomy is a medical drama that has been in the running for sixteen seasons. Over the course of sixteen seasons, the series has told viewers a handful of stories. Meredith Grey, the leading character, has suffered many hardships in her past, met new people, and had many highs in her life. She comes to fall in love with Derek Shepard and starts a family with him. Meredith suffers the loss of her mother, friend, and husband while managing the…...

"Nosedive" Analysis

The majority of today's population is very self-conscious of what others think of them. In the Black Mirror episode "Nosedive," Lacie Pound lives in a world where people's place in society is based on a system of number rankings. Her daily routine is filled with the constant worry and pressure of upholding her social image, which she believes to be a normal life. When confronted about her lifestyle choices, Lacie mentions the so-called "numbers game," explaining, "until I get there…...

Analysis of the X-files TV Show Episode

I think that the x-files have been so successful because they mix three genres together, sci-fi, horror and detective. These three genres always go really well together because they appeal to a really wide audience. In this essay I will be looking at several key points from the x-files episode 'Tooms'. I will start with the prologue; the film starts with the camera following a man dressed smartly down a crowded street. They use a high cameras angle to make…...

An Exploration into the Representation of Families in British Sitcoms

The purpose of my exploration is to scrutinise whether family stereotypes within the media are merely exaggerations, or whether they are accurate observations. I have focused mainly on sitcoms as they are known for their absurd situations and characters, but they have a hint of truth to them at the same time. I narrowed this exploration down to three famous British sitcoms: Outnumbered, Only Fools and Horses and The Royle Family. I mainly wanted to challenge the viewpoint that all…...

The Fresh Prince of Bel-air

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is and American series which was broadcasted in 1990. The good thing about this series is that it represents Will smith a famous celebrity who was ex-rapper and star and played different roles in variety of movies but the series which made him popular was "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air". The series has a cultural impact and it has comedy situation (sitcom). This series is aimed at teenagers because they find it interesting. The theme of…...

Homer Simpson

Mr. Bennet, a badly done Homer Simpson (a sarcastic and guy-ish family man; but not funny): 'for God's sake say no more of his partners. Oh that he had sprained his ankle in the first dance'. Either Jane Austen completely underestimated the intellect of her audience in inventing the characters (not too complicated for the reader to remember and empathize with), she was not aware of the simplicity of her creation, or she purposefully wrote a light and easy-going drama…...

'Handmaid's Tale'

The chapters in the Handmaids Tale are named after an event or a time that is relevant to Offreds situation as the story progresses. The sections called 'Night' are very important chapters in the novel because this signifies the time when Offred is alone and silent remembering her vivid memories of her past. It is only at night that Offred chooses to remember her past because she is by herself, quiet and in her own personal territory. She feels that…...

The Situation Comedy

One of the main points of appeal about the situation comedy "Friends" is the characters. The show is largely character driven so the characters are all interesting people whom the audience will wants to see over and over again. An example of this is Chandler, played by Matt Perry. His mother is a glamorous novelist, yet his father is a gay drag artist working in Las Vegas. Chandler hates Thanksgiving, as it was the time when his parents announced that…...

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