TV Censorship Essay

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TV Censorship

In some countries, television and radio programs are carefully censored for offensive language and behavior. In other countries, there is little or no censorship at all. Censorship must be allowed and introduced by the government to every children program the TV or radio produces, while it should not exist into the adults programs.

American children watch up television 4 hours a day, 28 hours per week. By the time they become 18 they’ll have watched 22,000 hours of TV of programs that contain great amount of strong behavior, such as threats, violence acts, harmful language and sexual material. Kids see violence on TV because their parents are not always around to tell them what to watch.

Studies have shown that exposing a child to acts of violence is a major cause homicides, assaults, and other kinds of violent crimes committed in America while they grow older. Kids are always trying to copy what they see or hear, they use it as an example and they start to look up to this programs or the characters that belong to them so they can become one of them. If someone is watching a certain character doing things that they like they might end up doing it [1].

What children don’t realize is that most of the programs they watch TV contain ideas, actions and thoughts that are not real, television is something fictional and imaginative where “everything is possible.” But children don’t understand this because of their age, their lack of criterion is also a reason why TV children programs should be censored.

But what about the adults programs? Well, adults unlike children have criteria. They now how to distinguish between right and wrong and between what’s being real and what is being fake. This criteria makes the adult know that what he is watching it’s just for entertainment, not something that should be copied and turned into a life style.

Censorship in adult programs is just a bad idea, adults have lived in the real world and they have not only seen violence and bad language but they have also experienced it. It doesn’t make any sense to take away those programs just to protect them because they will still know that something like what they are watching exists.

Children need government protection because they are the future and they are the ones who are learning from those terrible programs that aren’t being censored. Violence exists and it is something we cannot change, but we can prevent it and help reduce it if we use the TV in a better way. Children should grow up listening to music and educational programs not gunshots or curses. Television consumes a majority of humans time everyday so why use it in a negative way when we could just make amazing programs that could change the world?

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