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Essay on Tv

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Phileas Fogg in Books, Cinema and on TV

The characters are anthropomorphisms of various animals. In a television episode of Have Gun, Will Travel starring Richard Boone, Fogg was used in the episode "Fogg Bound" that first aired on 3 December 1960. On the TV show Voyagers!, Fogg is said to have been named after the main character Phineas Bogg, when the latter met Jules Verne in Montmartre. In the 1963 movie Three Stooges Go Around the W...

Analysis of Tipping and TV Entertainment Cases

Television is probably one of the most used inventions of the world as far as using your eyes and ears producing emotions and such. Today there is most likely more than one television set in one household. You can find television any and everywhere from bars, restaurants, Laundromats, barber shop etc. and the list goes on. However there is a down side as entertaining and consuming it may be. We ha...

Obscene and Indecent Materials on TV

The main difference between the fairness doctrine and the equal opportunities rule is simple. The fairness doctrine was applied to discussions on controversial topics and "was {only} enforced from 1949 through 1987" . The station was required under the fairness doctrine to provide equal time to differing viewpoints. The equal opportunities rule relates to free time given to political candidates. T...

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Netflix Analysis

So the company should invest in software technologies in user friendly. The software will be able to grab consumers’ eyes in order to help the company maintain the large market share. In addition, the company should incorporate software products that block any illegal files downloading or unauthorized access or copying of its products. This could help block illegal usage of its video products an...

Truman Show

We do accept the reality that we are presented, because, for the most part, we are not aware of the realities beyond ours. Sometimes we must break away from our perceptions to discover more about the ‘tru-man’ within. For instance, drugs alter perceptions and thus alter our reality and create a new reality. Every night when we go to bed, we enter a dream world that is very real to us at the ti...

The CSI Effect

Most case there is not enough evidence to back up the case. The CSI Effect is only a theory, which means there are not enough facts to back up this case but enough intelligence for some facts to stand. For every sentence that is handed out because of evidence pointing in the direction of guilty, another case is a not guilty verdict due to lack of evidence. Some may say that television hit show CSI...

MTV: Target Market and Demographics

Second, MTV educates and familiarizes today's teenage culture with the changing society. Thirdly, MTV devotes all of its programming to serve the interest of the public demographic. There are many reasons why MTV is aiming to capture the teenage audience. First, today's teenage culture bases their agendas around the mass media. It is very common for teenagers to arrange their plans around certain ...

Distance Still Matters

Tricon spun off from Pepsico in 1997. The company’s core business is managing fast food chains such as Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and KFC both domestically and internationally in 27 countries. In 1998 the company began evaluating the possibility of consolidating operations within high performing markets. Two thirds of TRI’s revenues and even a higher proportion of profits came from 7 of the 27 marke...

Oprah Winfrey Bibliography

For the year 2003, Forbes published its list of America's billionaires classifying Oprah Winfrey as the first African-American woman to become a billionaire. She is ranked number eleven for the most powerful women of our time. Not only is Oprah Winfrey classified as a T.V. host, actress, producer, magazine publisher, philanthropist, radio host, co-author, and news anchor, but she also gives back t...

The Cosby Show

Before work, before friends, and before the personal wants of any individual; the entire family came together and worked together to make their home the joyous place it was. It was stressed as an importance that everyone was responsible in remembering birthdays, talking to their parents about their issues, and continuously seeing that a personal (perhaps assigned) chore was completed everyday. In ...

Patricia Chanco Evangelista

We call people like these balikbayans or the ‘returnees’-those who followed their dream, yet choose to return and share their mature talents and good fortune. In a few years, I may take advantage of whatever opportunities come my way. But I will come home. A borderless world doesn’t preclude the idea of a home. I’m a Filipino, and I’ll always be one. It isn’t about just geography; it i...

The Representation of Men in The Jeremy Kyle Show and The Maury Show

Men within the two shows are not always presented in a good light, with my in depth research I found what I expected to find from my research that men are 'presented in a negative light compared to women and that they are rude, arrogant and do not care about what is going on within the world around them this is mainly due to the stereotypical view presented within other media.' I think this is to ...

The Simpsons: Sitcom Analysis

The Simpsons is well renowned for being unconventional and irregular and this is what makes stand alone. This unconventional make it is a huge target by politics such as George W. Bush Snr who openly criticize the Simpson "Americans should be more like The Waltons than The Simpson". The Simpsons is not bound by reality but the producers still talk about the thing that are important to the audience...

The Simpsons Analysis

"The Simpsons" is a very popular and well-known sitcom. The appeal of the Simpsons is greatly due to the fact that it appeals to all types of people. People of all ages find humour in it because of the fact that the characters never grow older, the use of flashbacks and flashfowards, the variety of episodes and the characters always turn back to the way they started. A reason why we can tell it is...

Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd - Essel Group

Zee TV has announced the launch of an interactive game show Kam Ya Zyaada. 2006 ? Zee Telefilms acquires 50% stake in Ten Sports. ? Zee Network launches new channel in Indonesia. Zee to acquire 60 pc stakes in Venus Films. 2007 Zee Telefilms Ltd has informed that consequent to all approvals having been received the name of the Company, effective from January 10, 2007, has changed to Zee Entertainm...

Bones Charater Analysis

In order to make Bones a unique crime drama in the midst of the multiple procedural dramas that already populated network television like the Law & Order and CSI franchises, Hanson decided to infuse the show with as much dark humor and character development as possible. ] Another element conceived for the show was the "Angelator", a holographic projector that provides a way to replace the flas...

We Want Our MTV Back

If MTV never fired the last president, this would significantly make a big impact. There would be the possibility of bringing back dozens of viewers and spread its popularity like wild fire as if MTV never lost its touch. This is the big issue that MTV is dealing with today is the lack of viewers. By bringing back the glory days, so to speak, this would breakout into success of having many shows i...

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