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The objective of the present study is to make students study and discuss the various topics and make them to present in order to get confidence and courtage to mface the examination


The strudy was done in a classroom in a department of anatomy and physiology at nepalgunj kmedical college in Nepal


From 1999 to 2004 ,study was done through observation and interactions with the students of first year MBBS in the above institutions affiliated to Kathmandu university .


aStudents of first year MBBS constituted the material for the present study .Students wqewre given topic to study and made them to study and discuss in the class ( one and half hour ,i.e 90 mi n8utes ).Questgions were asked to eac h student and evaluated and guided him with corrections.


This study of tutorials was more beneficial and improvement in the subjects and student teacher relationships improved .

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73% students showed improvement and they were favoring it .13% students were finding difficult either by not reading ,nor involving but they managed to leartn particular topic with great difficulty .14% didn’t show any improvement because they were not interested in the topic hiven and their performance remained unsatisfactory .


This method of tutorial teaacvhing has great impact on the minds of students because threy have been involved in reading ,reference making and writing the questions answers .By this method ,the percentage of passing gradually increased and were higher in the university exam .

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Discussion,classroom,questionairing ,impact ,confidence

INTRODUCTION:As per british academy,study in small classroom or in groups were the teacher or tutors or any academic stuff imparts individual attention to his studenys .[1].Tutorials has been practiced in schools of united states in the form of homework or guidance in private studies (2,3).Tutorial is practiced to study computer prograsm by assisting users to learn softwares in office suite and used as programming tools and video games .There are three types of tutorials have been used in the turials namely :i]video tutorials

ii)interactive tutorials where on screen instructions are being followed by the users .

iii)webinars;wherein the teachers take part in rela time lectures or tutorial through online or workshops using softwarews .

Tutotials are being used as a method of teaching and learning in Continuing Medical Education(CME) programs .This system of learning and teaching through tutorials have been practiced in universities of united states and united kingdom .In sarah Lawrence college new york ,new college of florida tutorials are very much limited which is being used for honors program in the form of single class .This is the feature of in these universities (6).

MATERIALS AND METHODS:This method of study was done from 1999 to 2004 atNepalganj medical college ,Nepalganj Nepal.Students of first year were divided into batches and classes were taken one and half hour .Topics were selected and annpunced to study before coming to classes

In the class, brief discussion was given and questions were asked .Students were made to answer methodically corrected and guided .From each student ,the correction was made in hard copies.Students were advised to read the chapter again at their desks and any doubts can be asked to the teachers the very next day.

This type of study showed a positive response and develop interests among the student communities in the class.They felt happy ,confidence and student teacher relation were improved .There was increase in the percentage of passing from 35% to 72%.


6 years study on tutorials showed following observations and were divided into three groups .

Group 1 showed 73% of students with higher marks and few distinctions .These students understood the subject well and answered excellently.Still,they were approaching to clear more doubts .

Group2 :13 % students were mediocre where they understood the nsubjects.Not to great extent but they were answering in a moderate way .They had many doubts to ask which were cleared by the teachers .On the whole,students were finding difficult about the topic and the subjects

Group3: showed very poor performance because they were not interested and attentive in the class when particular topic was done in routine class timinfgs .they found very difficult to understand the subjects and didn’t practice question answers from same topics covered .


Fernando et al conducted study in 1978 at university of texas ,medical branch Galveston and they started tutorial programs in basic sciences by receiving funds from health carriwers opportunity Program .Here tutors were participating in the program selected from respective departments on the basis of capacity to teach and their interests in the environment .The funding was from project under the 5D18MB00150 from the bureau of health manpower helath administration of united states of public esearc..The duration was 8 onths program done n first year and second year students .Each student were selected and participated in the program and there was significant improvements statistically and also increase in significant reading and academic deficiency was removed .Some students incres score within 8 weeks of time .There were increase group mean scores of tutored students and increase in all except in course of pathology .Study was done in anatomy ,biochemistry ,neurosciences ,pathology ,physiology and paharmacology .Tutors taking tutorials ,provides encouragement ,lab review and examination practicals .

Maria et al conducted small cohort study ,evaluation of students on tutorials and impact on information skills

The study was done on ovid medline to teach skill i9nformation .thirteen objective assessment were used which were statistically significant compared with that of pre training scores using the formula F


= 11.493,


= 0.001

There was improvement in skills was seen in 85 %( eleven students ).

Schaffer et al conducted a peer tutorial program for first and second year medical students at case western reserve university school of medicine in 1972.A retrospective study was done in the year 1982,1983 and 1984.The study showed 54% of first year and 22% of second year underwent training in peer tutorial programs .Data was analysed X2 analysis of data .This program showed very high improvements and significant statistically .The results of this study showed both cognitive and affective among the medical students .

SHREEMATHI S. MAYYA1 & SUE ROFF conducted study on medical students ,whoa re academically poor and coimparative study was done on both achievers and poor achievers of both male and female medical students at kasturba medical college manipal Karnataka india .The study showed by the Dundee ready educational environment measure(DREEM) on 508 medical students of clinical side .The study showed significant high DREEM scores in academic achievers and compared to that of under achievers .Overall rating of DREEM score was less in females when compared to the males and sex ration was taken into consideration.Males showed higher rating of DREEM score .

Lori S. Mestre, (2012) conducted a qualitative study on 21 students .They were asked to take 2 learning style inventories before proceeding to study.then later these students underwent 2 short tutorials namely a static web page tutorial and camstasia screencast(video) tutorials .A protocol used namely “think aloud” to record their voices and movements by using software camtasia.the effect of the study was students perform better by using static webpage with screenshot .It was much better than seeing tutorials of screencasting .

Hem Lata et al conducted study in physiology on students of two consecutive batches after passing their first professional undergraduate examination .A written questionnaire on various methods of teaching and evaluating the methods to get feedback from the students .The methods were

I] Revision cum self study, ii] Lecture, iii] Tutorial, iv] Demonstration, v] Vertical integrated seminar

Students were very happy with all methods of teaching except vertical integrated seminar .Most of the students opted for grand stage,short answer questions and self study with revision .Demonstrations in practicals wereuseful .Students suggested that they require more time for revisions and for the self study

This study was designed to obtain feedback on teaching and evaluation methods in the subject of physiology from the students of two successive batches, after passing their first professional undergraduate medical examination.


This method of learning and teaching through tutorials was successfully carried out and converted into master degree program .


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