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Tutankhamun Essay

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How useful and reliable are Source A and ONE other source in relation to the information and/ or implications they provide about the role of the New Kingdom Pharaoh and the society at the time, especially in regards to religion and/ or important events or issues at the time? Source A and Source D provide reliable information on the role of the New Kingdom Pharaoh, Tutankhamun and the society at the time in regards to religion and issues of the time.

Source A shows the religious aspects such as the use of both Amun and Aten names and Source D shows the issues of the time such as invasion/ warfare. In Source A the image shown is the “Golden Throne” also known as King Tutankhamun’s coronation throne. The image on the backrest of the chair depicts Tutankhamun being rubbed with ointment by his wife under the “arms” of Aten. The text on the chair when translated reveals that both Amun and Aten names are used for Tutankhamun and his wife.

This represents the transitional period from having one singular god- Aten, back to the old religion- Amun and may be an indication as stated by Howard Carter that both religions lived together in peace- “It is curious to say the least of it, that an object which has such manifest signs of heresy upon it should be publicly buried in this the stronghold of the Amun faith…it would appear that Tut-ankh-amun’s return to the ancient faith was not entirely a matter of conviction-it is possible that the alteration in the Aten names was sufficient to appease the sectarians and that there was no need for secrecy.

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The designs on the Throne are also a representation of the changing times. The period is referred to the Amarna Age. It is a different style to which traditional art was made and represents the transition from old to new- the sculptures and paintings were done with naturalism and spontaneity. This style of art included more portraits of their natural existence. Source D is an image of Tutankhamun’s Hunting and Warfare Chest.

On this chest there are two main images depicted, the first on the lid, front and back of the box which shows Tutankhamun in a chariot with a bow and arrow fighting and crushing black and Asiatic enemies. On the sides of the chest the second image depicted is that of Tutankhamun’s head on a lions body, treading and crushing the bodies of his enemies. These images are portrayals of the issues that the Egyptians may have faced during the time period such as invasion and concurring.

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