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Tutankhamun Essay

Essay Topic:

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Tutankhamun’s (Tut) tomb is not typical of the tombs of the 18th Dynasty.

Even though there are some similarities, this report will outline that key differences such as size, structural design and decoration, make Tutankhamun’s tomb somewhat unique for the time. Analysis of typical tombs such as Amenhotep II will be used to highlight the differences between the resting places of the once famous kings.

Firstly, Tuts tomb is not the typical size of the tombs that were found in the Valley of Kings in the 18th Dynasty. This demonstrates that maybe Tuts tomb was not intended for a king in the first place. Other tombs in the Valley of Kings had a total area of 400m2, three times the size of Tuts 150m2 tomb. This information gives us a picture that potentially Tuts tomb was not a typical tomb of the 18th dynasty, and maybe not intended for a king.

Furthermore the structural design of Tuts tomb proves that it was inconsistent with the tombs that were found in the 18th Dynasty. We are shown this by the way Tuts tomb was constructed compared to those which have had years (and thousands of man hours) work done on them to make them to a high standard and fit for a king. The tomb clearly wasn’t prepared or finished for when Tut was ready to be buried. The tomb had a very basic structure with a cliff face entrance and had evidence of unfinished walls and flooring meaning that the tomb was still under construction or the builders weren’t expecting the king to die at such a young age.

Tut’s tomb was very different in the way it was built to regular tombs at the time as his tomb only had four rooms where other tombs would have hundreds of rooms. Tut’s tomb had no side rooms showing us that there were no plans for anyone else to be buried in that tomb. It was common practice to bury members of high families together in tombs and as such, tombs were pre-planned.

One of the common features of the tomb to others in the same dynasty was the existence of a main burial chamber where the king or queens would be laid to rest. The tomb also had rooms for the kings or queens personal items to be placed, such as chariots, beloved jewelry, weapons, personal items etc.

The decoration in Tuts tomb was left rather basic and can only be found in the burial chamber where he was laid to rest, which is another indication that the tomb was unfinished when Tut was laid to rest. The decorations in the tomb are representations of kings, religious Gods and ceremonies that would have taken place in Tuts life. The decoration found in Tuts tomb is different to that found in a typical 18th Dynasty tomb as the typical tombs had multiple glass panels throughout the tomb and more than just the burial chamber was decorated with paintings, glass panels and sculptures.

In conclusion, Tuts tomb was markedly different to that of a typical 18th Dynasty tomb. It was much smaller than the average tomb, structurally built differently with less rooms and chamber, and there were signs that the tomb was not complete to a standard fit for a king telling us that Tut died unexpectedly at a young age and the lifetime that would have normally been used to prepare the tomb, was not seen out.

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