Turning Point Essay

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Turning Point

Turning Point The reason why I have to write this essay is because, I’ve done something I’m not too proud of and It has me doing things like an all-day class and forty hours of community service all because, of something I did. In my essay I will explain too you what I’ve learned on the journey of truth. Seeds are planted in the soil of our minds. DNA in are thoughts to determine what we are going to be able to come, so never not think. Think both about your, behavior and what your first mind is telling you. Thefts are always thinking.

They day dream the dirty deed before they proceed with their exploit before doing. Followed by developing the dirty deed they do the scan we their thinking about hiding it, looks around when their thinking about the exit plan. Also, followed by two other methods: deciding the dirty deed and doing the dirty deed. We all know what those two lead to. If you ever begin to think these thoughts, here’s away too contain them: name it to tame it, exterminate too terminate, pop it too stop it and realize too visualize.

If you ever begin to think the dirty deed pertain to these too get that dirty though out your mind. When you break the law and when you disappoint yourself. External punishments are; community service, the turning point class, pays a fine and jail. Which these consequences may not be enough to affect it, needs to be immediate and certain. If you don’t get caught it will be some internal punishment that you will suffer. Self-punishment is the worst punishment based on the emotion of shame.

Most have excuses too why the steal, it’s called the “stinking thinking “it consist of the three V’s: verbal, visual and value. That goes back to when they are “license to steal”. Also, you have unconscious licenses: a lot of stuff going your mind. Meaning when first get the thought of the dirty deed you have a lot stuff going through your mind. Sub-conscious licenses when you’re below the influence and how you think. Trigger is an emotional event that might get you thinking life isn’t fair that can get you thinking about reoffending.

When you steal you are taking from others time and money they spent on their life which isn’t right. God gave a Moses a commandment “thou shall not steal” therefore it makes it wrong it hurts people emotionally and financially. Especially when you steal from the stores, it doesn’t hurt none the above it hurts us as the consumer because, the prices goes up. Epiphany- sudden realize the truth, it’s not right for other people to steal. A conflict between your murals and your values (behavior) [Cognitive dissonance].

When you achieve the state of harmony between your behavior and mural a balance between the two (Cognitive consonance). If you ever consider your action to be different think about this: “Happiness is when what you think, say and do are all the same. ” –Mohandas Gandhi There are nine steps of change that we all can us to make are life more fulfilled and they are: mental, sexual, emotion, family, physical, finance, social, re-creation and sprit. To fulfill all of these you need hard work, trustworthiness and honesty.

We are all allowed to undo the wrong we have committed against ourselves and society by taking three action of improvement: Take responsibility, forgive yourself and go pay for what you have stolen. Our, life values a necessary for a successful society to make that happen we must have honesty, trustworthy and hard working. We as society have responsibilities in contributing to success and that is living by the golden rule. In the lecture Mr. Turner read us a poem called “The Guy in the Glass. ” What I received out of that poem is, that you always have to be truthful with yourself, you cannot lie too yourself and everyone else.

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