Turn Negatives into Positives Information and commands sink in

Turn Negatives into Positives: Information and commands sink in better when we’re told what we should do, rather than what we shouldn’t. For example, we react much better to statements like “Thomas, please talk quietly” than “Stop shouting Thomas.” Framing your instruction positively, as opposed to negatively, will have much better results

Furthermore, when a child behaves in a typically ‘negative’ way, identify their reasons for acting that way instead of just punishing them. Then, discuss alternative ways that they can achieve their desired outcome.

For example, if they misbehaved because they wanted attention, establish a turn-taking system where they get plenty of opportunities to speak. Children will soon learn new behaviours when it helps them get what they want without punishment.

Teach Positive Behaviour: Rather than trying to completely remove unwanted behaviour, you should focus instead on facilitating the behaviour you want. Identify what counts as good behaviour and how you want your class to behave. Then, work on ways to communicate it.

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Model the Behaviour You Expect: Be a positive role model and behave in the same way you expect your students to. For example, if you ask your students to always be on time, make sure you demonstrate good time management. Similarly, if you ask students to be organised, ensure your organisation matches it.

Communicate Well: Always ensure that you communicate clearly and consistently. The way you phrase your comments can have a big impact on the way children perceive them and also Recognise Good Behaviour and Achievements.

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Communicate with Parents: Maintaining frequent communication with parents is essential for managing challenging behaviour. Keep them in the loop when their child has misbehaved, and ensure that they establish similar rules at home to the ones you have in school.

Dealing with parent’s complaints in school: As a TA if you get any complaints from parents, you need deal with friendly No matter how irritated or upset a parent behaves, Smile when you greet them, and thank them for speaking to you. Simple friendliness will help diffuse their frustration and send the message that you’re competent, professional, and someone they can trust. Give the parent as much time as they need to express their feelings. Often, all they want is to be heard and know that you’re doing the right thing for their child. And give them the most effective response is direct and honest. If you can solve the problem with evidence you can go ahead, or else refer them to teacher or head teacher or a person who can deals with.

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