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Turkish Woman Essay

Being able to assist a person when in need is one of the most satisfying psychological experiences a person goes through. Human beings have a social aspect in nature which makes them want to correlate with others especially those with whom one can easily relate with because of some similar characters such as culture, class, religion and class. At the same time a being for a foreign in another country is very challenging and calls for high tolerance and perseverance of the foreigner.

When a person is a foreign in another a country he/she may face hardships in terms of discrimination, legal policies, language barrier, social and economic disparities and other issues what will came about. Thus, it becomes as a welcomed relief if such an individual gets a fellow country man or woman to assist him/her to settle in the foreign land. The Turkish woman As pertaining to why the Turkish woman already in America will want to assist fellow Turkish people coming to America, there will be several reasons to explain this, are personal, social and political.

Below are some of the reasons that try to explain why the Turkish woman is helping others; Alienation: This normally occurs in new Turkish people due to the assimilation difficulties that they will experience in their America as they struggle to adapt to the new country. This leads to the alienating of the new Turkish people from their culture stimulating the identity crisis within their societies. This alienation can lead social isolation that might also lead to depression through stress anger and fatigue which normally happen to detract the new Turkish people from settling in America.

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This case of alienation has been shown to have taken a large proportion of the new Turkish members of the society who are classified as foreigners. Thus, that is why the Turkish woman is assisting fellow Turkish people to settle and find jobs in America. Psychological Insinuation: Another reason as to why the woman is helping other Turkish people to settle in America is because of psychological insinuation.

Racial disparity is said to be having psychological implication on new Turkish people coming in the American society since the Turkish are forced to participate in a particular culture in America, especially in institution such as schools and companies. This is so because; it forces them to alter to their home cultures. Through this, the new Turkish people will face a variety of conflicts giving rise to a psychological and identity problem. It is true that coming to a new country, particularly in America will highly challenge the individual.

There is an increased need for a foreigner to be assisted in a new country so that he/she is able to undergo as minimal psychological insinuation. Therefore, the Turkish woman is assisting these people to able to reduce their psychological insinuation that they may go through. Avoid discrimination It is said that discrimination in any place has a diversified effects on the people being discriminated about, which normally differ with the presence of many factors including those of self attitudes and the cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

These factors target those people who are viewed as foreigners whereby a negative impact is brought, i. e. when a community fails to address the needs of its new members. This may be done when the community is formulating it’s polices that include the exclusion of minority/foreign cultures and languages which proves to lack relevance to the community. This in turn make foreigners to loose hope whereby they fail to settle and some of them may give up and opt to go their home country such issues lead to increase in difficulties for the new turkey arrival in America.

However, if there are assisted by someone whom they know they easily overcome such issues. Same religious beliefs The other reason as to why culture forms a central core of the Turkish woman to help fellow Turkish people is that of religion. Religion is a system of shared beliefs and rituals concerned with the sphere of the sacred or the supernatural and it usually affects the way of living especially in another country. According to latest research ethical systems consists of moral principles that are used to shape and guide behavior and thus affects personal activities.

With diversity of religion systems it becomes difficult for other people to settle successfully in another country because of the differences that are involved between religions. For example, Islam religion is viewed as with radical principles in the eyes of many western countries and many Muslims are treated with suspicion. More so in America many Muslims are being associated with terrorism activities Thus, it becomes very hard for a Turkish Muslim to get a job in America as many companies shun away from employing such people.

Thus the reason why the woman is helping other fellow Turkish is because she understands their religious beliefs. What motivates the woman to do this job? Social responsibility It has been observed that human being have a social responsibility of assisting each other whenever possible. In such a case where one has already settled in a foreign land, and other countrymen come by, it becomes a social responsibility to assist them. Bearing in mind that that Turkish woman is working a certain organization, she has better information about the legal working of the American system, the social welfare system, and where job opportunities can be found.

At the same time the woman has knows where civil rights movements and other social bodies can be found, which can assisted the new Turkish people who are coming in to America. Thus, this is another reason why the woman is assisting other Turkish people. Gaining political mileage Another reason why the woman is helping others may be because she wants to gain political mileage among fellow countrymen, since they will feel indebted to her inn future. At the same time she will have an upper hand in the Turkish society in America and this can help her to advance her ideology among her people.

Having political advantage comes with some political powers and benefits within the society. The woman thus, by the virtual of assisting others will have some powers that she will use in promoting the Turkish people interests in America. At the same time helping others will be easily settle in America and get jobs or schools will put them in a higher economic and social status. This will help them have economic powers that can be used to assist other either in America or back home. Conclusion

Helping others is an important aspect in for an individual, it is more important when it comes to foreigners being assisted in other country. The reasons why a person helps others are varied and are both personal and social and can also be political. Discrimination, language barrier, religion, social and economic disparities among the natives and the foreigners are the major challenges that a person will encounter in a foreign land. For the Turkish woman, she helps others because of varied reasons that include among others avoidance of discrimination and legal understanding of the American system.

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