Tuition Reimbursement Essay

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Tuition Reimbursement

The three years of being employed at PacSun Incorporated, I noticed that most of the companies employees are not properly educated. Many problems from payroll to cashiering could easily be avoided with the proper education. Providing reimbursement for tuition as well as making additional time for adult learning would be a wonderful benefit not only for the employees, but for the company as a whole.

PacSun is always in the hiring mode. Although our hiring process is quite extensive, many employees hired still require additional training that will increase practical business knowledge and increase confidence in the workplace. Whether an employee is a lower level associate or an executive, implementing a leadership training program will benefit the company drastically. The employers at PacSun should invest in ensuring all employees have the skill, knowledge and qualifications needed to be successful at work.

A person can become a better employee by earning a degree which relates to his or her job. Working for a company that is willing to pay for tuition normally results in the employee remaining loyal and the company will have less turn-around. Many large companies exist who offer tuition reimbursement such as Starbucks and Quiktrip. Starbucks offers their employees $1000 a year for employees who qualify and Quiktrip offers their employees $2000 a year. Many colleges have partnered with companies to assist in educational training for their associates. Oftentimes the colleges will have the trainers come to the company allowing the associates to sign up for classes from their college institution.

After gathering this information I was able to show PacSun the benefits of providing tuition reimbursement. Employees would be much more productive, additional workloads could be tackled with little to no effort, leadership skills would be developed and result in promotions from within, and employees having a degree would boost the professional image of the company. Although tuition reimbursement is a relatively excellent benefit, there are a few problems that come with employees attending classes. Many employees who’s employers have reservations about their associates spending time away from his or her job can completes classes online. Most employers may also believe paying for tuition is expensive. In most cases paying for an employees tuition could cost less than training a new recruit.

PacSun was quite concerned about wasting moneys on classes that do not relate to the job and on employees who do not make adequate students. By implementing stipulations, the company could easily avoid this particular issue. Companies that provide reimbursement normally insist the employee maintain a certain grade in the class and the amount of money provided is based upon the grade. For any reason the employee performs poorly and receives an inadequate grade, the company can refuse to pay the tuition. Other business would deduct the tuition from the employees paycheck.

A remarkable alternative to tuition reimbursement is providing additional training on the job. Many companies exist who implement workplace training programs at inexpensive rates. These companies set up other businesses to help maintain and improve their organizations performance, personal attitude and professional abilities. Implementing customized training programs such as business writing, foreign languages, customer service, time and stress management, team building, conflict resolution, and informational technology will greatly enhance PacSun’s business. Employees would have the proper training, for example, to write a grammatically correct memo, e-mail or report to a corporate head. Having the opportunity to learn a foreign language will allow the workers to assist customers they normally avoid in lieu of the language gap.

Having the ability to possess an abundance of knowledge is a powerful thing. Imagine how powerful an organization could be if all the employees could obtain the same level of knowledge to be used to build the company. Supplying tuition reimbursement as well as making additional time for adult learning would result in remarkable benefits for PacSun and its associates

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