Tui Mod 6 Self Reflective Paper Essay

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Tui Mod 6 Self Reflective Paper

As I reflect back on the last two months I start to think of what I have learned while in OPM300, Introduction to Operations Management. In this essay I will discuss the following topics, what I learned the most in this class, something’s that I didn’t really catch on to and how I can improve.

One important thing that I learned in this class is if you don’t have a good logistical support then your business can fail quickly. After spending numerous hours on research for Wal-Mart Stores I caught on to the fact that in order for that sore to be so successful the management has to know when to place its order for restock, stay on top of inventories and know when to get rid of a product that’s not selling. Without a good logistical support department Wal-Mart would surely fail.

In Module 4 I didn’t not grasp the concepts you were describing on AON and AOA Network Conventions. I spent about an hour going through the slides and couldn’t grasp the process being displayed on the slides. Where these the answers to the previous slides concerning Pert and CPM?

My research habits this past semester have been less than stellar. I would find my mouse clicking on topics that had nothing to do with what I was trying to research and instead of reading material on the topic that I was researching I found myself reading the news or sports. I am going to have to find a way to isolate myself and focus on the main topic and not get side tracked so easily.

Over all I think that this was a great class. The material was all there and the Session Long Project helped me understand some of the Operational Management processes that happen inside a store that I would have never thought of before.




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