Tsunami: Science and True Natural Disaster Essay

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Tsunami: Science and True Natural Disaster

To conclude our report from the understandable of Tsunami happens in Malaysia, there is lot of memorable and sadness when the boxing day. Seven years after Tsunami, while the human dimensions of the tragedy will take much longer to heal the country has made major steps towards recovering from the worst economic effects of the disaster. Apart from unrecoverable losses in human lives, the tsunami would cost us billions of dollars and decades to restore its damage. However, it also provided us a chance to look back at the serious mistakes that we have made when promoting development without considering the natural forces that sustain us. From the lessons given by the tsunami, we recognized that many vital links which connect human societies together have been broken or missing. Without repairing these links, the sustainable future of human beings would be threatened.

The human societies are a unity without unifying efforts, especially in the cases of emergency and great natural disasters, collective strength of mankind will not be maximized and we would become vulnerable to natural threats. From the investigations conducted it was established that unreinforced masonry houses suffered the worst failures while reinforced concrete buildings showed varied levels of damage depending on their construction standards. Studies of affected areas need to be carried out in order to establish the wave velocity and likely loading on structures from the sea front and farther inland. Factors such as the existence of fences or other obstacles the density of buildings and the potential impact of debris must also be taken into account. Satellite images will be helpful especially where detailed maps of the infrastructure of the affected zone before the event may not be available.

The people on land are not the only ones missing but also the Fisherman. Their boats were washed onto shore but there was no sign of them. There were not only people who been killed but animals and fish got washed out to sea or stranded on land with no water. When a tsunami is about to occur the tide goes in to severe degree and on this lead people to believe that their boats were brought closer the center and destroyed. We believe it or not the fishermen could still not fish up to January 1st, 2005. 25,000 were affected jobs were lost and once a major country for fishing now gone. The trash was another major problem ruining fields and taking trash from and landfills and spreading across the cities and the country. This ruined the lives for people and animal destroying those habitats and forced into the city or somewhere they don’t belong and there are too many things happen and this is a true Natural disaster.

In conclusion, the tsunami was devastating earthquake causing a surge of large waves. There were many people killed and everyone that was affected was affected severely. More than half of the vegetation was lost and destroyed. The trash is now where it shouldn’t be and so are animals’ people and everyone that this is a true natural disaster.

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