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Truth Hurts

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Essay, Pages 3 (504 words)



Essay, Pages 3 (504 words)

?In times of struggle and hardship, many of us adapt to adversity differently. Some of us react and freeze out of shock. Meanwhile, others choose to disregard their problems, and deny that it ever occurred. For many cannot withstand the actual truth, in which we choose to cover up, to ease ourselves from the pain. Unfortunately, we cannot come to terms with out misfortunes, until we choose to face our fears head on and decide to accept or resolve the issues at stake.

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There are five stages to grief. Many amongst us integrate, and go from one stage to the other in divers ways and variant times.

For instance, Luigi Pirandello illustrates that the “fat man” was in the first stage of grief denial. He reacted rather than responded. For him, the thought of this son, his only son perhaps was too unbearable and in the process denied and preached false information. He confused the analogy of bread and fighting for one’s country being vital to human life.

Furthermore, another example, is when the citizens from the western world choose to buy product from manufactures, and chooses to deny that their brand name shirt that they wear on their shoulders, were made from little infants in third world countries.

Which are denied the right to basic needs and forced to work, while receiving extremely low income? Rather then, accepting it and choosing to deal with it. We bargain with ourselves to buy product that promise us they will give a portion of the proceeds to those who made the item.

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This demonstrates, that like the “fat man” in the short story, and in many parts of civilization when we are struck with difficulties we tend to deny the truth, rather than resolving universally. I personally, was accused of stealing money from my workplace.

I was so shocked and insulted by the indictment, I initially reacted and isolated myself, because I could not grasp that I was mistaken for a thief. Denial was immediately sudden because I felt like I was in a movie. I could not apprehend that I could seriously be accused of something that I did not do. That was so far from my nature. I had never experienced false accusation in such an elevated matter. Thankfully, my brother was there to help break free of my denial and help resolve the issue.

Likewise the “fat man” in the short story “War” had a woman to step in and help him understand that he was like me, in denial and rather did not have the time to respond and properly grief for his son. Just like I had my brother help me realize that I should talk about my problems, and solve them rather than stay in disbelief. Many of us would prefer for life to sustain nothing but abundance of good fortune sometimes the reality is deemed too unpleasant for us to bear. The idea of being in denial, and shutting off the truth seems very appealing in times of adversity.

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