Trustmark’s Leadership Development Program Essay

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Trustmark’s Leadership Development Program

1- What development activities are used in this program? Why are they important?
The development activities that were used in the program in developing effective leadership that could influence achievement for the company were workshops/training sessions and a 360-degree feedback. Each of the activity is important to the managers since it aims at improving leadership and enhancing development in the company. In its renaissance, Trustmark Company needed leaders who had the skills, courage, and potential to help the employees in the company adopt to a new culture for innovations and opportunities.

One of the development activities is conducting workshops. Workshops are session held by the company to help in improving the skills and knowledge of the participants. The company might decide to outsource the trainers so as to make a different impact on the people being trained. In the case of Trustmark, managers were involved in various workshop sessions that were aimed at informing them of the various leadership practices and the best practices that can be used for a specific scenario to produce good results.

The other development activity that is used is the use of 360-degree feedback. This is a process whereby leaders get feedback from all those working around them. The feedback could be from the top leadership, peers, or the people working below you. The use of 360-degree feedback is important to the Trustmark Company since it will enable the manager’s rate their standards and know where they can be able to improve in their management styles or practices. This feedback also enables managers to have self-awareness and find out on the improvement measures on their weaker points. By using the feedbacks, leaders are able to develop a plan for improving their leadership and ensuring that the goals in plan are achieved.

2- What data or outcomes should be collected to monitor the effectiveness of the leadership development program?

Explain the business reason for your choice or outcomes or data. For the leadership development program to be deemed successful, there are various outcomes that should be visible and which should point out the effectiveness of the program. The outcomes that should be used to monitor the effectiveness of the leadership development program include service delivery, the inspiration in the participating employees in the program, the results delivered by the employees through the leader’s guidance or supervision. Service delivery to the customers is very important for Trustmark Company and therefore leaders have the responsibility of ensuring that the customers are satisfied with the services they receive. Through the improved leadership development program, leaders are supposed to help employees understand the importance of offering the best services to its customers.

If the service delivery results have improved, then the leadership development program can be rated as effective. The other outcome or data that should be collected to monitor effectiveness of the program is the employees’ level of motivation to participate in achieving organizational goals. For any company to develop or have good operations, it has to be equipped with very good and committed team of workers. These workers form an important asset for the company and therefore, leaders have a duty to inspire and motivate these employees so as to carry out their duties well. The leadership development program should help leaders know the ways that they can use to motivate its employees. The leaders can also monitor the effectiveness of the program through assessing the overall achievements attained in the company. This will enable them rate the effectiveness of the leadership development program.

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