Truck Driver Orientation Essay

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Truck Driver Orientation

In the video entitled “What to Expect at Truck Driver Orientation/Training,” there are several learning outcomes that are emphasized by Schneider Trucking. While many learning outcomes are learned, Schneider focuses in on intellectual skills, cognitive strategies, and motor skills. First, the trainees become familiar with the training environment. They will complete tasks such as lifting, pushing, pulling, and crouching which are all duties that are required on the job.

The first few days of training also include trainees become familiar with the trucks they will be responsible for driving. Tasks include performing inspections, cupplings, etc. and other duties that will be supervised with a trainer. Since operating heavy machinery such as a large truck is dangerous, Schneider provides as much one-on-one training as possible. The next training segment is conducted in a classroom setting learning the paperwork duties of the job, such as logging, permit books, general truck knowledge.

A simulator is also used for practice. The next few days are spent in the truck with a training engineer who ensures that the trainee can accurately pick up and deliver a load. On the road training includes learning the lifestyle of a truck driver. This includes delivering loads on time without having to adhere to a strict schedule. It also involves learning how to live in the truck, where to rest, where to find food, and how to communicate with family since most of the time the driver will be away from home.

The following days of training will be spent back at the training center so that the trainee can acquire “soft skills” such as trip planning and receiving work assignments over the mobile communications platform used company-wide by Schneider. The final days are spent back on the road practicing with the truck so that the trainee does not lose any information that was learned in prior days. This is followed up with a skills qualification test where trainees are tested on what they learned from the training and how well they execute their duties based on that training.

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