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Tropicana Tuition Centre

Business Overview

Tropicana Tuition Centre is a new institution aiming to provide quality education for primary and secondary school students. It will be officially opened in November 2012. The objective of this centre is to complement with what students have learnt in schools and not to replace the role of school itself. In Tropicana Tuition Centre we believed in providing quality education with affordable fees, which will set us apart from our competitors. We provide all subjects related to Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) and Sijil Penilaian Malaysia (SPM) examination. In five years we hope to be a leading tuition centre in the area of Kajang and Bangi. This Marketing Plan has been designed to provide the business with clear direction for a better future.

Market Overview

Education plays a major role in the process of building a nation. By having a good education system the young generation may fill up their potential to the maximum level and the country will get the benefit from it. In order to compliment what have been provided by the government Tropicana Tuition Centre aim to help its students to achieve their fullest potential by having quality education. The key to a successful education or tuition centre is quality education with a relatively low fee. More than that we have a pool of experience teachers or tutors and air condition class room which will provide better and conducive learning environment.

The demand for tuition service has been steady for many years and seems that it was not affected by economic crisis. However with the increasing trend in the opening of new tuition centre it seems that the competition becomes tougher every day. The slice of cake may become bigger but the fields are crowded with more players. In order to attract more customers the tuition operators need emphasize on quality education but at the same time seem not to charge higher fee. The cost factor will continue to put pressure on the industry as a whole. However, there will always be people looking for quality educations with reasonable fee. Provided the tuition centre meets the students’ needs and is well-located, a successful business can be built. This Marketing Plan is designed to identify the target market for Tropicana Tuition Centre and enable it to attract clientele through careful promotion.

Marketing Research

During the initial stages of the marketing plan development Tropicana Tuition Centre performed primary market research in the form of a questionnaire / survey. Tropicana Tuition Centre outsourced the development of the survey to a local firm, AMZ Sdn. Bhd. While Tropicana Tuition Centre could have developed the survey in-house, the end result was a far more valid and statistically significant product. The survey was handed out to a total of 300 people within the target market. About 102 surveys were returned completed. The results of the survey provided valuable insight into the customer preferences as well as the decision making process of the target market. While some of the already held assumptions were confirmed, the survey provided Tropicana Tuition Centre with new information that would have been otherwise unavailable

2.1 Customer Information

Tropicana Tuition Centre is located in Bangi, Selangor and only 10 kilometres from Kajang town. It was surrounding by many housing areas such as Taman Universiti, Taman Tropika, Taman Vista Mas, Taman Alam Sari and a few new develop housing estates. Bangi is an area with high growth in population due to rapid development of residential areas. There are many secondary schools in Bangi areas such as government schools and private Islamic school. So there are plenty of students available for the market.

Describe the type of customers you want to reach? What useful target demographic information is available to assist in reaching them? Who are you the customers you want to reach? Define main market/sector groups. What are their basic needs? What stimulates their decision? (Cost, quality, environment, staff)| Tropicana Tuition Centre plan to target customers who generally share the following characteristics: * Live within the Bangi and Kajang area (and in the district of Hulu Langat) * Child or children within the ages of 13 to 17 years old (secondary school aged) * Parents household income over $36,000 per year

* Believe that education is the key to a better future and to success in the best careers There are no plans to target primary schools students for now because for the time being Tropicana Tuition Centre only wants to concentrate on secondary schools students.

2.2 Market Information

Based on data from Kajang Municipal Council, the Bangi and Kajang population has increased steadily since the late 1990s due to rapid development in this area. By having larger population Tropicana Tuition Centre expect to have a significant portion of the market share which is 10%. Competition in the area for tuition service is high with five other tuition centres operated within Kajang and Bangi since a few years ago. Given the target market for Tropicana Tuition Centre is likely to use reasonable fee as an advantage compare to other competitors. The five other tuition centres also provide tuition for secondary schools students like Tropicana Tuition Centre. However none of them has a fee as same as Tropicana Tuition Centre, so this is a major advantage Tropicana Tuition Centre plan to use in promotion arrangements.

SWOT Analysis

The following SWOT analysis captures the key strength and weaknesses within the tuition centre and describes the opportunities and threats facing Tropicana Tuition Centre.
* Experience teachers and tutors.
* Reasonable and affordable fee

* The learning curve associated with entering an industry without prior experience.

* Nearby established and a lot of residential area with a large number of population so the market is huge.
* Most from middle to upper level of income.

* Competition from established tuition centres.
* The perception that there is not a difference in quality among tuition centres.

2.3 Industry Information

The tuition service industry continues to expand and in up line trend for the past decade. The reasons for this have been the growth in the population of the area and majority of them are from high and middle income group. This has given an advantage because they are able to support their children extra education without worrying too much. A recent development in Bangi is the construction of a new township development called Kajang 2. So this is an added advantage and a new opportunity for Tropicana Tuition Centre to further expand the market in the future. The growth trend forecasted to be continue for the next few years.

2.4 Product/Service Information

The most important service on offer is the quality education to the students combine with affordable fee. This is coupled with conducive learning environment with air conditioning room and experience teachers and tutors.


The key objectives for Tropicana Tuition Centre are:

(1) To be the number one tuition centre in the area of Bangi and Kajang (2) To develop the centre as place for students to achieve excellent academic results. During the first year we want to have a minimum 50% of students achieve significant improvement in their examination results. (3) Within five years to be considered by the local community as a significant part of the educational service providers and a supporter of the community activities by being nominated in the awards for the local municipal council.

To provide the students the opportunity to enjoy their learning activities while achieving better success in the future.


Tropicana Tuition Centre will provide the quality education at reasonable fee for students in the area of Bangi and Kajang with experience teachers and tutors in conducive learning environment. Part of the strategy is to provide the students with a comprehensive learning with revision of examples of past year examinations questions. This will be achieved by the development of strong relationships between students and teachers to help them achieve the target result.

4.1 Product

Tropicana Tuition Centre has two primary products offerings:

(1) To provide normal teaching session
The facility in the tuition centre has 10 class rooms. Each is furnished with desks, chairs, whiteboards and air conditioning systems. This centre also has separate restrooms for boys and girls students. In addition there also resting area for students complete with seats and computers which have internet connection.

(2) To provide special coaching session
This session was designed especially for students who may want to improve their academic results significantly. Their current result may not good and they want to achieve greater results in a short period of time.

* 4.2 Pricing
* Prices for normal teaching sessions in Tropicana Tuition Centre have been set by considering competitor prices, as well as the costs required to train and compensate the best teachers and tutors. This leads to prices that run between RM30 and RM50 per hour. The direct costs of tutor wages and materials are roughly 50% of these prices. * In the past, there has been some price resistance at this level and, from time to time, deals have been struck which go below the $30 per hour limit.

However, Tropicana Tuition Centre intends its renewed branding and marketing to support this price level going forward, both because more qualified prospects will be found who can better afford the prices and because the tutors will have better training on how to prove the value offered to combat price resistance. However for special coaching session the price is a little bit higher because it involved only a few students. The stated price for this particular session is between RM50 to RM 70 per hour.

4.3 Promotion


The use of the internet is essential in providing information and access to Tropicana Tuition Centre. A fully functioning site will be developed that will enable perspective students to see what type of service is available and the fee as well as allow them to ask questions about us online. The website also includes:

* Home page with welcome note and explanation * Tutor and teachers teaching and coaching explanation to describe the our learning process * Services offered page detailing the service that we offered and the satisfaction guarantee * School referral program offering resources for teachers * About Us page providing profile of the story of the centre, mission and values * Contact form for inquiries to move forward

Search Engines Optimisation:
To maximise the discoverability of the website Tropicana Tuition Centre will arrange for links with the key internet search engine sites. These will include:

Tropicana Tuition Centre sites:

Social Media Plan

Tropicana Tuition Centre will spread its online message with social media tools. Students in our target market are increasingly using Facebook and this will be the primary focus. * In the coming year, a Facebook page will be established. This page will be based around the idea of providing a forum for students to discuss methods they have used and found success with to encourage the learning process. Rather than name the page “Tropicana Tuition Centre,” the page will be called “Tuition Help For Teens.” Marketing for Tropicana Tuition Centre will be indirect, although it will be clear to all that the page is maintained by the company.


All documents and information placed into the public hands are to have a consistent look and feel that highlights the quality of education and reasonable fee of the Tropicana Tuition Centre. The branding should leave the impression of indulgence and pampering.

4.4 Operational Plan

Successful Tropicana Tuition Centre business depends not only on quality education and reasonable fee but on how it is delivered. The tactics therefore, require a very caring and attentive approach to the client base. This however, cannot be seen to be pushy or overbearing but constructive and sympathetic to the clients needs to “have an education”. It is envisaged much of the repeat business will come from personal referral so the ability to offer simple clear information with a no fuss personal approach is important. The use of electronic answering machines is to be kept to a bare minimum and all direct interactions should be at a one-on-one level where possible. Response to enquiries is to be measured in hours not days and the use of “we will get back to you” is to be avoided.

4.5 Sales Promotion

A high quality multi-folded brochure is to be promoted and distributed to all schools within 30 km of the Tropicana Tuition Centre. In addition this is to be provided to all other school within the district of Hulu Langat (where Bangi and Kajang situated), and in return for having them made available the Tropicana Tuition Centre will carry the brochures of the centre and actively direct students to the centre for a learning. A discount of 10% is offered to those who mention this cross-promotional arrangement.

4.6 Advertising

Following the opening of Tropicana Tuition Centre, advertisements will be placed in the local press highlighting the new tuition centre and offering special deals for students to come and register with us. Advertisement will also be placed in the Pelajar Pintar magazine with an offer of a 10% discount for students showing their card. Paid advertorial will also be placed in this magazine highlighting the centre as a place for quality education at reasonable fee.

4.7 Public Relations

The week prior to opening, the students from selected schools in Bangi and Kajang are to be invited for chance to see and assess this new tuition centre. Parents and teachers also invited to join the students in this session. Grand Opening of the tuition to introduce our existence to the students is to be organised with an afternoon tea and snacks on offer. Music and a viewing of the centre will be available. The Tropicana Tuition Centre is to be seen as being a positive contributor to the local community without expecting anything in return.

It is to actively participate in local functions and support the district initiatives around the promotion of better education in the district and state. The owner will make himself available for these activities. With the centre profile being increased, the owner will seek out a position on the education committees in the district and will look to use the facilities for community based functions. A series of brochures will be developed for the education and propagating free tuition to students online, similar to the many offers available now days.

4.8 Direct Marketing

The use of a high quality brochure is seen as essential to providing potential client’s information about the Tropicana Tuition Centre. This is to be available at all school in Bangi and Kajang area and it is the owner will deliver these by hand to discuss the about the centre. In addition, they will gather information about education they can pass onto the students. The use of a bulk mail-out either via post, fax or email is not seen as productive as it does not provide the personal touch. However, all students to the Tropicana Tuition Centre will go onto a direct email database (provided they give permission) and promotions offering commission to former students who attract friends or family will be offered on a regular basis.

4.9 Online Marketing

The internet is seen as a critical tool to reach customers. During the opening phase of the centre special price will be on offer. The website is to be fully functional and will enable students to make request and questions in real time. *

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