Treaty of Versailles Essay

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Treaty of Versailles

The summer of 1914 in Europe came along with one of the mast disastrous and bloody wars that ever existed on the planet. The Great War of World War 1 as it is called, violent discontent between so no many different countries in the world in which many died. By 1917, after many difficulties of neutrality, the United “States had to enter the Great War.

On January 8, 1918, Wooldrow Wilson the president at the time, turn U.S. participation in the war into a religious crusade. He wanted to change the nature of international relations and to make the world safe for democracy. This war was merely a struggle among imperialist powers. Wooldrow Wilson announced his plan, which was meant to organize peace. These were Wilson’s fourteen paints. It argued for “open covenants of peace openly arrived at” freedom of seas, equality of trade, and self-determination for all peoples. His most important point, which was the last one (14th) called for international origination, a “League of Nations”, to preserve peace.

Later, in 1918, Wilson announced a conference, where he said he would head the American delegation in Paris, “revealing his belief that he alone could overcome the forces of greed and imperialism in Europe and bring peace to the world” (Nash pg 725). Most Americans probably supported the “League of Nations” in the summer of 1919. Few, like farmer senator Albert Bevendge of Indiana, a nationalist, “denounced the league as the work of amiable old male grannies who, over their afternoon tea, are planning to denationalize America and the nation’s manhood”(Nash pg 727). He thought Wilson’s only purpose was to denationalize the U.S.

By the time Wilson returned to the U.S. he was more surprised by the opposition he encountered in his home country. The treaty of Versailles failed and yet historians have asked whose fault it was. Obviously Wilson’s ineptitude and stubbornness let to the senate defeat of the treaty of Versailles.

Wooldrow Wilson could have negotiate with the senate and win two thirds of the votes lout stubbornness did not allowed him to. “Instead of expressing a great recuperative effort of the conscience civilization, which for its own sins has sweat so much blood, its does much to intestify and nothing to heal the old ugly desentions” (Document B). Said The New Republic on May 24, 1919. In other words, Wilson, got an attitude which gave to say that if it was not his way it would be nobody’s way.

He did nothing more to keep fighting for what he wanted and had being fighting for so long, gave up and did nothing else. “…I would stand up before them and say, Boys, I told you before you went across the seas that this was a war against wars… bet I am obligated to come to you in mortification and shame… I have not being able o fulfill the promise. You have fought for something you did not get” (Document C). Said Wilson in his speech in September 5th, 1919. In here Wilson again accepts he could do nothing else, he said to be obligated, which he could had have avoided if were not to be stubborn. Here he did not confronted those who did not belied in his ideas and gave a message saying that if they didn’t waited to be by his side they would suffer the consequences for not believing in him.

As mentioned before, Wilson left all the responsibility away from him and said not to be responsible for the consequences now that the treaty was not being accepted. In October 3 of the year 1920 Wilson said “The Chief question that is put to you is of course: do you want your country’s honor vindicated and the treaty of Versailles ratify? Do you in particular approve of the league of nations as organized and unempowered in that treaty? And do you wish to see the United States play it’s responsible part unit? (Document G).

Stubbornness was not the only defect that Wilson possessed and caused the treaty of Versailles to fail. “Because of the idiotic way in which the stubbornness of Wooldrow Wilson and the political fortunes of the Republicans became involved, the United States was not represented…. The idea that we single-handed can dictate terms to the world or say out of the world, is an idea born o the folly of fools” (Document A). Said W.E.B. Du Bois on 1921. In other words Wilson was said to be a stubborn fool. His inepditude was another defect that contributed to the failure of the Treaty of Versailles.

Concluding, the treaty of Versailles was no one’s fault but Wilson’s thanks to his stubbornness and ineptitude, or as said by W.E.B. du Bois because of his “idiotic way of . (his) stuborness.”

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