Treatment Plan Essay

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Treatment Plan

While meeting with the client the case manager will construct a tentative treatment plan. This treatment plan will have been constructed after interviewing and assessing the client. By evaluating the client the case manager will work with them to start determining a plan. The treatment plan should have diagnosis of problems, goals for the client and services that will be needed.

Case Details

Larry McCune is seeking help with multiple problems that are affecting his ability to live and work. Mr. McCune was involved in a severe traffic accident that resulted in the loss of his daughter (Summers, 2012). Mr. McCune suffers from nightmares, headaches, and a fear of all types of transportation. Since the accident Mr. McCune has become short-tempered with his co-workers and has been unable to work consistently. Mr. McCune’s marriage has dissolved and he currently does not get to see his son very often (Summers, 2012). Mr. McCune wants to feel better, be able to work, and have a relationship with his son.

Details of the Assessment

After interviewing and assessing the client is clear that he is still grieving the loss of his daughter and has depression and anxiety issues as a result of the accident. Mr. McCune needs to be further evaluated for medical and neurological problems that may have resulted from the accident. Mr. McCune will also need evaluation for depression and anxiety. He may need medical treatment for these, as they seem to cause him trouble sleeping, irritability, and the fear of being in any mode of transportation. Counseling would be beneficial as it would help Mr. McCune with his grief and being in a support group would help him to interact with other people who have similar situations.

Treatment Plan

The case manager collaborates with the client to write up a treatment plan that will later be finalized in a service meeting. In creating a treatment plan the case manager must specifically address the client’s needs and individualize the plan to fit the client (Summers, 2012). In working with Mr. McCune the case manager has helped to decide on which goals he needs to work on. The goals that have been identified for Mr. McCune are mental health, family, and medical. The case manager has determined that Mr. McCune needs to be referred to a medical doctor for his ongoing headaches and other underlying medical issues. Mr. McCune also needs to be referred to counseling to help with his anxiety, stress, grief, and trauma of the car accident. Mr. McCune also needs counseling to help with reconnecting with his son and repairing his relationship with his ex-wife.

In reaching these goals Motivation and Strengths

Mr. McCune is ready for a change in his life and has indicated he is ready for help especially counseling. While Mr. McCune has realized his need for change, he will still need motivation to overcome the challenges he is facing. As the case manager works with the client they will not give out wisdom, but will help the client work with their strengths, ideas and resources to bring about change (Mehr & Kanwischer, 2011). Mr. McCune will need to learn to rely on his strengths to help him. Some of his strengths are that he has a good job with income, a home, and support from his mom and co-workers.


In working with Mr. McCune he will need the resources and services of several different agencies. The case manager will have to coordinate and collaborate with others on the treatment plan. When working with a team on a treatment plan everyone contributes to the discussion so that the best plan of treatment can be made for the client (Summers, 2012). Mr. McCune will need to be referred to doctors for evaluation and treatment to determine the best plan for his headaches, nightmares, depression, and anxiety. He will need to see a psychiatrist for his depression. Then counseling for grief and guilt over the accident. The resources he will need may have to be adjusted by the diagnosis and he may have to be referred for more services.

Discussion with Client

Once the case manager has met with a collaboration team they will discuss the final treatment plan with the client. The case manager will meet with the client to discuss the treatment plan and to ensure their comfortable with what has been planned (Summers, 2012). In the follow up meeting with Mr. McCune the case manager will discuss the plan and any changes that have been made in the plan. The case manager will need to ensure Mr. McCune is okay with the treatment plan and have him give his signed consent to treatment. Once Mr. McCune has agreed to treatment then the case manager can begin to coordinate services and refer him to the services he will need.


When writing a plan of treatment the case manager has to interview, assess, and collaborate with the client. The treatment plan will consist of needs and strengths that the client has. When helping the client plan the case manager will help to determine what the problems of the client are and what goals need to be set. The treatment plan will also show what services and resources will need to be provided. This treatment plan will be discussed by collaborating with a team from the agency. They will collaborate to decide on the best treatment plan. Then the case manager will discuss the finalized plan of treatment with the client before they begin to receive services. The plan of treatment for Mr. McCune will be to help him recover from his car accident and help him be able to work and live his life.


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