Treatment Methods for Infectious Waste in Saudi Arabia


” The waste with certain pathogens like bacteria, viruses, parasites or fungi in sufficient concentration to cause disease in hosts is known as Infectious Waste. ,,

This waste is composed of blood components and other blood fluids, dressings, hypodermic needles, clothes, discarded medicines, blades, gloves, masks, gowns, human tissues, organs and chemicals.

These type of waste are very dangerous for the environment as well as for the other human beings.

If this waste is not properly managed then it can cause dangerous infection to the environment and to the handlers who are handling this waste.

Worldwide this issue of Infectious waste is arising day by day and to control this problem, valid waste management plans systems are developing and installing in most of the regions of the world.

Saudi Arabia is dealing with an increase in the number of people who are travelling in all over the kingdom to get benefits from the best healthcare facilities and the establishment of small and medium size clinics/centres.

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This has resulted an increase in the quantity and type of medical hazardous waste.

Proper handling, disinfection, separation or segregation, transportation, storage and disposal procedures for Infectious waste are very important for secured management of medical hazardous waste.

Suitable management plans, policies and minimization efforts are important to minimize the amount and volume of waste and to minimize the disposal and transportation expenses of such kind of waste.

Although significant progresses have been made in medical waste management systems but these progresses still need a great deal of best changings and improvements for efficient results.

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Currently, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, medical waste is dealing by government agencies and different companies including private organisations.

Therefore, the management policies of infectious waste needs certain improvements in order to regulate and to make sure the delivery of secured, perfect and reliable waste management services and facilities.

Infectious Waste Treatment Technologies Used By Companies in Saudi Arabia….

Following are some technologies for treatment of Infectious waste used by different organisations or companies in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia :-

Incineration Technologies

  1. Dual Chamber
  2. Single Chamber
  3. Starved and excess air Incineration
  4. Rotary Kilns

Non-Incineration Technologies

  1. Stream autoclave
  2. Microwave Irradiation
  3. U.V. + Grinder
  4. Thermal Oxidation Unit

Mostly Non-Incineration Technologies are used by Saudi Arabia as compared to Incineration Technologies.


The SEPCO company has presented their design, this manufactured autoclave is known as SEPCO Clave.

In this autoclave the infectious waste is treated with steam.

SEPCO Clave has vacuum and pressure systems which make sure the uniform and thorough penetration of steam into infectious waste to be treated.

Thermal Oxidation Units:

All pharmaceutical products, drugs, chemicals therapeutic drugs that are generating from different wards of healthcare centres or have been out dated are treated by thermal oxidation.

Any substance which may be liquid or solid (have toxic properties) corrosive, may be cause cancer, genotoxic waste are treating by the thermal oxidation units which have control system of air emission according to international environmental standards.

For Body Parts:

The body parts are considered as pathological waste and this type of waste consists of parts of tissues and fragments of organs, dead foetuses, placenta, and all of these waste from human body parts. These body parts are handled by Saudi Arabia according to Islamic Fatwa No. 8099.

According to this Fatwa, body parts are segregated in black bags and stored that will be collected by the different councils of cities of Saudi Arabia , once in every two weeks.

Microwave Irradiation:

It is an emerging technique and is using by different developing countries including Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In this procedure, disinfection has mostly done by the combination of low heat and moisture.

Mostly this technique is used to minimize the total microbial count in infectious waste.

Medical Waste Incinerator:

ATI company is providing medical waste incineration facilities in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

These high temperature Incinerator are providing the complete destruction of waste from infecting sources.



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