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What Treacher Collins Syndrome Is?

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (306 words)
Categories: Health, Medicine
Downloads: 16
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Have you wondered what Treacher Collins syndrome is? “Well, it is a rare medical condition caused by a genetic mutation it affects the development of bones and other tissues of the face and abnormalities in the face, head, or ears.” You might be wondering how many people it, affects, it affects 1 in every 50,000 live births. “A diagnosis of Treacher Collins syndrome can be based on: medical history, genetic testing, and also physical and radiographic exams.

“With Treacher Collins syndrome sometimes they are born with a clef palate that is in when you have a split roof of mouth.” The age of the person determines what kind of surgery will be performed for the child/adult. “The syndrome is believed to be caused by a change in a gene in chromosome 5, which affects how the face develops. “About 40% of the time, one parent has the Treacher Collins syndrome gene.”

If you are wondering what troubles they mostly have is trouble breathing, trouble eating, some lose hearing, their eyes might dry out , and clef palate.

The problems that Treacher Collins syndrome cause for someone is hearing loss and is caused by 3 small bones in the middle ear, which translates sound, and bad development of the ear. People with Collins syndrome normally have regular knowledge. “Scientist think there might be another gene also combined with this syndrome.”

In the book Wonder the boy named August has Treacher Collins syndrome and is going to middle school for the first time. It must be hard for August to make friends because people always judge people by their looks, just like most of the people were playing the plague on August just because of his looks. So if you ever see someone with Treacher Collins syndrome be a friend to them and think about how they feel.

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