Transportation Management System Essay

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Transportation Management System

Supply chain of an organization relates to the operations starting from procurement of raw materials to the distribution of finished goods which
makes use of logistics for the flow of resources from point A to point B. In order to operate a supply chain efficiently the logistics cost should be optimum and adoption of an automated logistic management system like transportation management system is essential, With rising fuel costs and other pressures over the past few years, the adoption of Transportation Management System (TMS) software has been robust. However, the market remains very fragmented, with the term “TMS” meaning different things to different companies. (Aimi , 2009)

According to short 1996, TMS is gaining prominence with the increase complexity in supply chain of organizations the importance of logistics and logistics costs has given new influence to logistics executive and to remain strong, every facet of your supply chain needs to flow in sync. Transportation managers in an effort to contain erratic fuel prices, capacity constraints, escalating freight rates and more demanding vendor requirements, are turning increasingly to transportation management systems to get the job done. With the right solution, companies gain real-time insight into the status of their shipments, automate manual processes, help ensure compliance with customer needs, and cut freight expenses. Even though technology has infiltrated every link of the supply chain, TMS adoptions are still surprisingly low. Here are two companies that have taken the plunge and have strengthened their logistics operations with a TMS tailored to their specific needs ( al, 1996). TMS helps the transportation manager to plan and execute the overall operations of logistics. Efficient deliveries depend on informed route planning, freight consolidation, and enhanced visibility. By providing managers with appropriate tools like route optimization, load building, and track and trace, the right TMS can improve fleet performance and reduce supply chain expenditures. Along with warehouse management solutions and truck routing solutions, TMS solutions constitute the logistics side of an overall supply chain management system (softwareadvice, 2013).

I intend to conduct mixed method for data collection with 75% Emphasis on Quantitative method of data collection through surveys and 25 % of

Qualitative method of using semi structured interview. Audience for data collection will be identified using professional network in New Zealand and also targeting the relevant audience on LinkedIn. Semi structured interviews are conducted online Skype or face to face and surveys will be developed using electronically using online sources.

Aimi, G. (2009). Transportation Management System Adoption Up Strongly, but Market Remains Fragmented. Retrieved from Short, J. R., Kim, Y., Kuus, M., & Wells, H. (1996). The dirty little secret of world cities research: data problems in comparative analysis. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 20(4), 697-717. Softwareadvice . (2007). Compare Transportation Management Software (TMS). Retrieved from

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