Transportation Decision for Families Essay

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Transportation Decision for Families

1- Transportation today is much different from the way that it was 50 years ago. At that time, people who wanted to buy an automobile had a small variety to choose from. Nowadays, there are so many choices that it could take months to look at all the cars on the market. For those buyers who are looking for a vehicle for their families, one of the first questions is, “should I buy a sports utility vehicle (SUV) or a four-door sedan?” To reach a decision, a buyer can compare these two car types in term of their overall cost, convenience, and style.

2- SUVs and sedans are often differ in their costs. Despite they are expensive cars, but SUVs are more expensive than Sedans. For example, if you want to buy a well-equipped Sedan car, you will pay the same price for a basic SUV car. Not only the prices of SUVs are more expensive, but also their maintenance costs are higher than Sedans. Because SUVs are large and heavy, SUVs consume more gas than four-door Sedans. In contrast, a four-door Sedan has better gas mileage.Compared to these cars; Sedans for most of the time consume less fuel to drive whatever in the city or on freeway than SUVs. Therefore, Sedans are more economical.

3- Another thing to consider is the convenience factor. Generally, SUV has a larger carrying capacity, so it can accommodate more people and luggage which is convenient for a large family. However, Sedans are limited to five passengers, so that it will not work if people need to carry seven or eight people. Moreover, in spite of the weather and road conditions, SUVs can come in handy in deep snow or wet road because they usually have four wheel drives. Additionally, higher ground clearance is an important issue needed to be considered, and people who drive the SUV can go cross country for adventure or traveling. Hence, SUVs are the best choice for a large family or a group to drive in their daily life.

4- Finally, there is the subject of style. Generally, sedans have a low step in height which allow them to fit into most garages. In addition, people can travel without giving it a second thought. Therefore, they add to people’s sense security, safety, and they are more comfortable. On the other hand, SUVs tend to have more storage space, making it a nice choice for individuals needing to haul equipment or other larger items. Moreover, people who prefer SUVs tend to have better visibility while driving it .

Hence, some people think of SUVs as having a more relaxed and playful feel than that of the more traditional sedan. 5- All cars are used for transportation, but it is important to remember that, depending on the car category, there are differences in cost, convenience, and style. Choosing between an SUV and a four-door sedan is a personal decision for you and your family. Careful consideration of the information presented here will make choosing a car less complicated.

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