Transnational business Essay

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Transnational business

I consider Yale University to be our nation’s premier school in teaching subjects related to foreign affairs. In addition to that, I do possess relevant personal experiences in the field of International Relations which generated an interest and enthusiasm inside me towards pursuing my Masters in Arts (International Relations) at this esteemed school. At this juncture, I am happy to share with you that the Pickering Graduate Fellowship Board had recently selected me as one among the very short list of twenty people to receive a fellowship from them for this year to pursue my graduate studies beginning this fall.

I believe that my past experiences towards International Relations, sheer interest towards pursuing graduation with much-needed financial support were the major reasons enabling me to get the fellowship. It means that the Thomas R. Pickering Graduate Foreign Affairs Fellowship will provide funds to cover all my expenses for the next two years. I am an American citizen born with an Italian and Mexican ancestry and I was brought up in one of the border towns in Mexico by a low-income single parent. After few years, I returned to U. S.

towards enhancing my education with the aim of realizing my dreams to become a Foreign Service Officer. I received my B. S. in Economics in the year 2009 from the University of Arizona. Subsequently, I worked with two U. S. embassies: Papua New Guinea and Mexico. At present, I am working on management analysis for the U. S. Department of Defense. I have also taken graduate classes in international relations, U. S. Foreign Policy, U. S. War and Diplomacy, International Organizations and International Political Economy. I do possess a GPA of 3. 6 out of 4.

My GPA shows that I am studious, but I am sorry to say that I possess low GRE scores, as I had very less time to prepare for GRE. I hope my GPA, capabilities, Fellowship grant and past work experience compensates for my low GRE score. My specific interest towards international relations began when I was staying in Mexico, where I could witness the political volatility and the unstable economic conditions of Mexico and Latin America. I have always been fascinated towards understanding the correlation between the diversities among nations in terms of history, culture, ideology, geography and economics.

I personally feel that my experiences of residing in two very different, but neighboring countries have played a major role in promoting my interest in understanding International relations and political economy. It has fueled the desire in me to live in abroad to learn different cultures and I am extremely adaptive. My stay in Mexico had made me comfortable and adaptable to different living conditions. I have a strong zeal to learn foreign languages and I have studied Mandarin Chinese, Italian, and Melanesian TokPisin in addition to English and Spanish. The U. S.

has close economic ties with Latin America and many U. S. companies have operations in Mexico and other Latin American countries. I did a research for the American Consulate in Monterrey towards economic analysis of the automotive industry. During my research I learnt the expansive impact of multinational automotive companies. If American automotive manufacturers suffer economically, it has a tremendous negative effect on the employment in Mexico, resulting in collateral emigration. During my graduate studies, I would like to focus on matters related to transnational business.

I am sensitive towards both higher level political aspects as well as lower level human aspects. International relation not only involves nation with economic and cultural differences, but also involves people. During my graduate studies at Yale, I would expect to make a meaningful contribution to both intellectual and social discussions, which I expect to encounter in the university. Apart from academics, I have plans to enhance my cultural, political, and social skills too by engaging myself in extra-curricular activities and other endeavors that are geared towards exploring the culture of Yale and other groups.

I am confident that my graduation at Yale University coupled with expert teaching faculties will hone my knowledge, broaden my academic perspectives, and develop my potential for research. With the deep understanding of economics and history, I realize that politics and international affairs are the main forces behind the development of the major powers of present-day world and this very realization underlies my commitment to study International Relations to achieve my lifelong career of becoming a Foreign Service Officer.

There is always a need for experts with analytical insight and knowledge of understanding these matters. I am confident that I would gain a lot of information and knowledge from your program towards performing the best possible tasks in these areas. I look forward towards contributing to the program by actively sharing my diverse international and professional experiences to date with fellow students and faculty. I would also like to assure you that I would prove myself to be an asset of the academic and student’s community at Yale University.

Ms. : Enclosed please find a copy of my transcripts, GRE scores, and my personal statement. If there is anything else I can do to better qualify for your program, please let me know (my GRE are very low so I want to inderiectly say that if necessary I will retake it). I assure you that as a Pickering fellow I will successfully…. (something to say that I will succeed) she is the director of admissions so it has to be a really good closing. Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.

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