Transmission media Essay

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Transmission media

1. What kind of transmission media would you recommend for each different building and department of the medical instrument company and why; I would use Cat 6 and the required appropriate connectors, using full-duplex transmission, for each building . It has a much higher throughput than Cat 5 and is more flexible than Cat 7 and less expensive than Fiber.

2. What type of media would you recommend using to connect the two buildings and why, and I would recommend Multimode Fiber (MMF) to connect the two buildings because the distance is within the MMF limitation (due to attenuation) of a few miles and is cheaper than Single-mode Fiber (SMF). Also, fiber is capable of very high throughput and is very resistant to noise.

3. What kind of media should the company request from the its ISP for connecting the corporate WAN to the Internet? UTP is fine from the ISP. The company will just need to have the appropriate modems and connectors to ensure compatibility with the company’s network. If the connection to the ISP is analog we will need to convert it to digital for our network and back to analog when we reach outside the network.

I would have the network configured as a MAN with each building having being a LAN. The sales departments desire to conduct video training sessions requires much greater throughput than the access of servrers in another department and the use of fiber will assist in this. The Fulfillment department will be setup with a WLAN (wireless local area network) to facilitate the use of scanners on forklifts interacting with inventory databases.

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