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Translation Services

On April 1, 2008, James Tate, the manager of one of the world’s largest translation companies announced several major changes his company will create, to address the growing demands of translation services from all over the world. People see the company as a reliable and dependable in providing translation services. Clients from all over the world frequently avail translation services offered by companies for many years such as international translation, document translation, foreign language translation, online translation, technical translation, professional translation, website translation and world translation.

Tate spearheaded the opening of a call for operators known as “live support team” as well as professional translators. Recently, the company succeeds with 20 more high quality professionals who softly poured into company’s staff and doubled its translation capacities. At the general meeting James Tate said that he felt the need to widen the capacities of the company in terms of translation services as the number of projects and clients grow.

Albeit we know that our clients are humans like everyone else,” James Tate added, “however, we are still in constant awe because of the increasing clientele and projects. ” Apparently, the growing demand of professional translators and translation support “is unquestionable and very much needed and we (the company) are fully aware of this. ” Moreover, it is not only the replenishment of existing company’s staff that was mentioned by James Tate.

It also illuminated the idea that there is a deeply ingrained vision and value orientation from the company to provide effective and efficient translation services appropriate, that is commensurate to the respective compensation paid per translation project. James Tate also said, “The company decided to help our live support team and translators in order to help our clients more effectively”. “Some of you already know our new professionals, some- not yet but we expect our endeavours to become successful”.

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