Translation contract Essay

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Translation contract

Through friendly discussions between Smithpower. Co. ,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Party A”) and China Technical Translation Service Co. , Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Party B”), both parties agree to set up a business relationship. Party A agrees to engage Party B as translation agency to provide translation and other related services to Party A, and both parties reach the following terms: 1. ???????????? ,????????????? (???? ?)400. 00 ?,????????????? 300. 00 ?(????? );

PPT ?? (?????)??????? 100. 00 ?/?? Party B provides translation service to Party A at the price of RMB 400. 00/1,000 Chinese characters (without counting spaces) from Chinese to English, RMB 300. 00/1,000 Chinese characters from English to Chinese (without counting spaces), and RMB 100. 00/Slide from English to Chinese for PPT files (excluding notes). 2. ??????? ,???????????????? ,????????? ?????????????????????????????????? ????? To ensure the quality of work, before a translation project starts, Party A should provide Party B with the original texts, and response to the consultation of terminology from Party B.

Party B shall translate, proofread, typesetting, typing in accordance with the requirement from Party A, and submit the translated documents in time. 3. ?????????????????????????????????? ??????? 1,500 ???????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ,??? ?????????????????????????? (????? 09:00-17:30 ? )??????????????????????? 24 ?? ??? ,??????????????????????????? 30% ??????? Party A shall provide Party B with reasonable delivery time to enable Party B to fulfill the work on time. Both parties understand that the allowed delivery time is counted on the basis of 1,500 Chinese characters per working day.

Party A fully understands that such reasonable time shall be honored at any circumstances before any project is assigned to Party B. Should Party A have special requirements, such as requiring Party B to finish large amount of translation work in a short period of time or to translate beyond the time of normal working day (09:00-17:30, Monday to Friday) or legal national holiday or to make delivery within 24 hours, Party B is entitled, after obtaining the prior written consent from Party A, to take additional 30% of the specified charge standard as rush charge. 4. ??????????????????????? ,??????????

?????? ,????????????????????? ,????? ?????? In the case when Part B informs Party A that there are mistakes in Party A’s files, information, technical requirements, etc. which make Party B unable to start working on the project, Part A agrees to deal with the case promptly and solve it. If so, Party B is entitled to postpone the delivery accordingly. 5. ????????? ,???????? ,??????????????? ???????????????? ,????? 2 ???????? ,?? ???????????

Party B agrees to complete each project with good quality and timely delivery. If any special situation makes impossible the completion and delivery of the project according to Part A’s requirement, Party B should inform Party A two business days in advance and both parties will cooperatively search for an alternative solution. 6. ??????????????????? ,??????????? (?? ???????????????????? ),???????????? ????? Party A is entitled to proofread and raise comments to the translated documents of Party B.

If there’s any inaccuracy in the translated documents (exclusive of the amendment in original text made by Party A after the submission of translated documents by Party B), Party B shall be liable to make the amendment within three months after submission free of charge.

7.??????????????????????????????? ,?? ?????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????? ,?????????????? ?????????? ??????????????? Party B guarantees that Party A’s intellectual property rights will be protected in every aspect from infringement. The file information provided by Party A and the products will not be copied, modified, or published without written permission of Party A. Party B shall also keep confidential of all the original text, translated documents of Party A and all materials provided by Party A, and shall not disclose to third party in any format without Party A’s prior written consent.

This article survives after the termination of this contract. 8. ??????????????????????????? ,?????? ?????????????? 25 ?????????????????? ?????? ,???? 5 ???????? 30 ???? ,??? ,??? ????????????? 0. 5 %?????????????? Party A shall return a Receipt Acknowledgment to Party B upon receiving the delivery from Party B and proofreading to satisfaction, as an evidence of the receipt of the work assigned to Party B. Party A should make the full payment within 30 days after the receipt of Party B’s monthly itemized invoice and the confirmation of it within 5 business days.

Party B is entitled to collect from Party A an interest at the rate of 0. 5% per week owing to the delay of payment in addition to the normal payment. 9. ????????????? ,???????????????????? ?? ,?????? The contract is drafted and signed both in Chinese and English, and the two versions have the same legislative force. If there is any deviation between English and Chinese, the Chinese version will be taken as prevail. 10. ??????????????? ,???? ? ? ??? ?? ? ?? ,????? ,????? ,??????????? ???????????????????

This contract becomes effective immediately upon signature by the two parties. The VALIDITY PERIOD WILL BE STARTED FROM , TO , . ON ITS expiration, the contract can be renewed of the agreement made by both parties. Any amendment or supplementary to this contract shall not become effective without signatures of both parties. 11. ?????????????? ,????????????? 30 ???? ??????????? 8?????????????? ,??????? ?????????

Party A has the right at its sole discretion to early terminate this contract, and this contract terminates 30 days after the termination notice is issued by Party A. Party A shall not take any liability to Party B except for the payment obligation of the translation occurred before termination and confirmed in accordance with article 8. 12. ???????????????????? ,????????????? ?????????????????????????????????? ???????????????

This contract is under the jurisdiction of the Laws of the People’s Republic of China. Any unsettled affairs will be solved by the two parties through friendly negotiation. When any conflict in connecting to this contract occurs, it should be submitted to arbitration in China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Committee in Shanghai. The arbitration award shall be final and legally binding upon both parties. ??????????? ?????????? Smithpower. Co. ,Ltd China Technical Translation Service Co. , Ltd ? ? ? ? SIGNED BY: ? ? ? ? SIGNED BY: ? ? DATE: ? ?

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