Transition metals Essay

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Transition metals

Iron is a transition element. A transition element is an element that forms at least one ion with a partially file d orbital1. Transition metals have several different oxidation states, so can be oxidized and reduced. Oxidizing the Fe2+ will make it Fe3+, and it will lose an electron. Fe3+ e- + Fe3+ Reducing Fe3+ will bring it back to Fe2+, as it will gain an electron. Fe3+ + e- – Fe2+ I have been given a solution containing between 1. 1g and 1. 3g of iron ions, a mixture of Fe2+ and Fe3+.

To work out how much Iron(II) and Iron(III) is in the mixture, I will start with a titration. I will determine the amount of Fe2+ in the mixture originally by titrating with potassium permanganate, and therefore oxidising the Fe2+ to Fe3+. Potassium permanganate, KMnO4, is self indicating, so when the oxidation point is reached, it changes brown. Then I will reduce the Fe3+ back to Fe2+ with zinc powder and work out the amount of Fe2+ in the remaining mixture by titrating the new mixture against approximately 0. 1 molar potassium permanganate.

Then Fe2+ mass in 2nd solution – Fe2+ mass in 1st solution = Mass of Fe2+ originally in the solution. This experiment will only give me the Mass of Fe2+ in the solution, so the Fe3+ will need to be worked out by subtracting the Mass off the Fe2+ from the 200cm3 solution used at the beginning. Water solubility: moderate, produces solutions which are intensely coloured, even when quite dilute Specific gravity: 2. 70 Principal hazards This material is harmful if swallowed or inhaled. It is also harmful if absorbed through the skin.

Potassium permanganate is a strong oxidizing agent and may react very exothermically with organic materials. Safe handling Wear safety glasses and keep the solid or solution from contact with the skin.. Take care not to allow the solid to come into contact with flammable materials. Emergency Eye contact: Immediately flush the eye with plenty of water. Continue for at least ten minutes and call for medical help. Skin contact: Wash off with plenty of water. Remove any contaminated clothing. If the skin appears damaged, call for medical aid. If swallowed: Call for immediate medical help.

Disposal Small amounts of very dilute potassium permanganate solution can be flushed down a sink with a large quantity of water, unless local rules prohibit this. More concentrated solutions and waste solid should be retained for disposal by those in charge of the laboratory. Protective equipment Safety glasses. Protective gloves should not normally be necessary. If they are to be used, nitrile will provide some protection, but may degrade upon contact with solid or solution, so should be checked regularly and replaced if damage is apparent.

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