Transition from Lpn to Rn Essay

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Transition from Lpn to Rn

My most recent employment included working as a practical nurse in an in-patient psychiatric center. Typically I cared for 8-10 patients at a time, providing total care for each. I have worked with professional nurses, physical and occupational therapists, social workers, dietitians, physicians and more as part of a collaborative and comprehensive health care team. Issues and Concerns Surrounding Transition For Practical Nurse A licensed practical or vocational nurse (LPN or LVN) is often the first step in one’s career toward becoming a Registered Nurse. The role of a Practical nurse is significantly different from the role of a professional nurse.

Most nurses trained at this level have one to two years of study experience at a vocational or community college. A Practical nurse is used to working under the supervision of a RN or professional nurse. There are multiple concerns surrounding the transition to the role of professional nurse, one of them is the shortage of qualified nurse educators to provide guidance to LPN’s desiring a career as an RN, There are also many levels of education one may pursue as a professional nurse that must be considered . For example, many hospitals in the past have offered three year courses allowing students to live in the hospitals.

Most practical nurses now desiring a professional career must pursue their Bachelor of Science in Nursing or an associate’s degree in nursing. This requires effort and of course, acceptance into a qualified nursing programs. A practical nurse must also have the ability to effectively transition to the role of a supervisor capable of making important decisions and delegating tasks to others as part of their job responsibilities as a professional nurse. Clinical Judgment in Autonomy and Accountability of Professional Nursing Practice Professional nursing practice affords RN’s a relatively large amount of autonomy and accountability on the job.

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