Transgender Response Essay

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Transgender Response

Watching these videos, I feel very sorry for Jazz. It must be very hard especially around age eleven when boys start coming into your life and you want to date. I would never guess that she is a boy, she looks nothing like one and she acts nothing like a boy. That has to be a lot of stress on Jazz and her family. Her family wants her to be happy and love herself and Jazz seems to be dealing with it well. It makes sense that Jazz is obsessed with mermaids, because mermaids have tails and not boy or girl genitals. Jazz is very strong! She has told her friends her situation and is not ashamed of it. I do not know why other kids would want to kill Jazz for being transgender, what does it make a difference for them. Jazz’s parents deal with the situation so great; it is unbelievable how strong Jazz is even though she is half boy half girl and that could cause a lot of psychological problems within her. It seems to me it does not bother her at all, and she does not need help overcoming the fact that she looks and acts like a girl, but has boy genitals.

I would assume that many people with this gender identity problem could be depressed and feel like they are a reject and do not belong in the world. In my high school there was a girl who was very short and very overweight who looked like a boy but was a girl. She was not in my grade so I never spoke to her, but in the halls she was always very mean. She had a gender identity problem we found out and I guess that was why she was such an angry person. She was mad at the world because everyone around her was normal while she had a problem going on inside of her. I completely understand why she was like that, yet other kids I do not think did and made fun of her. Her being so mean though, made kids mean back. I never understood why people who were loners in school always were so mean when you tried to talk to them and make them feel welcomed. I guess they thought we were talking to them out of sympathy but still, they should not be mean for no reason.

Jazz will soon have to make a decision whether she wants to keep her male genitals or change them to women genitals. I would assume she is going to get women genitals since she did turn into a girl with the hormones and mental part of it already. She is a beautiful little girl who will have no problems finding a boyfriend when the time comes. It is very surprising that even at age eleven, she tells the boys she talks to that she is transgender! I feel like if I had this happen to me, I would not be that upfront about it and would only tell the boy when I thought things were getting serious enough to have to tell them.

It is very sad that people make fun of her about the YouTube video she posted. There is no reason for kids to dislike her because she is transgender. She still has the same heart and soul and same qualities. If I was the parent, I would be torn that my child has to go through all of this but you must stay strong for your child. That is what Jazz’s parents are doing. They are staying positive and have no doubts that everything will work out great for Jazz in her future. I envy Jazz’s strength and hope for the future because just watching the short videos showed me how good I have it!

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