Transgender and New Age Thing Essay

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Transgender and New Age Thing

In life people feel uncomfortable in all sorts of situations. When you were five you were uncomfortable meeting new and strange people. When you were in middle school you were uncomfortable talking to adults. In high school you were uncomfortable talking in front of the class to give a presentation or a speech. However, in each of these cases the uncomfortable feeling eventually went away. Some times after the task was done and over with you realized that it was not all that uncomfortable to do. Unfortunately, there are people out there who feel uncomfortable all of the time. Transgender people feel uncomfortable in their bodies until they under go a gender reassignment surgery.

According to the website, “transsexualism is a condition in which a person experiences a discontinuity between their assigned sex and what they feel their core gender is.” Sometimes when people who are born a male and have been living as a man their whole lives, decide to take actions to start becoming the internal gender that have believed that they are their whole life seriously. A male would start taking precautions into becoming a female. A male would start dressing like a female and start taking estrogen pills. A female might take testosterone pills, start working out more, and start dressing more like a male. Depending on the needs of the person, transgender people have their own way of deciding how far they want to go through with the process. To become a total transgender person they must under go the gender reassignment surgery.

Many people think that transgender and gender reassignment surgery is the new age thing. However, they could not me more wrong. said, “Gender reassignment surgery has been going on since the 1920’s in Europe.” Also according to, “The first American to undergo the gender reassignment surgery in 1952 was George Jorgensen who is now know as Christine Jorgensen.” Christine was the first but not the only American to undergo the transgender surgery. She laid the path down for other transgender people to follow.

Transgender people’s mindset cannot change which many people in society think that it can be. According to, transsexuals cannot be changed or cured because it is in their DNA. A transgender person is the way they are because of their parents. The parents are the people that cause a person to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transsexual. It is not the person’s fault, it is the parents’ fault their child is the way they are. Transgender people cannot help they way they think or feel because they are born that way and nothing can change that. Transgender people just do what they think is best for them and undergo a sex change to feel better about themselves.

Transgender people go through a lot in life. They go from figuring out that they body they were given does not match the internal feeling that they have. Transgender people have to go through surgeries to become the person they feel they were always meant to be. Transgender people also have to deal with people telling them that they need to change they way they are. Transgender people should not have to go through this. Every person is different why should transgender people feel more uncomfortable with the person that they are because of the crude people in this world not happy about their own lives and bodies they have to put someone else down. Transgender people figure out what they need to do in order to not feel depressed about who they are without being cruel to others. Transgender people do what they need to, to feel comfortable. If transgender people make you feel uncomfortable maybe it’s time for you to change your way of thinking.

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