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Transgender Essay Examples

Reflections on Transgender

...After knowing what transgender is, I choose to respect. We should be open-minded to accept the existence of diversity of gender in society or at least we should respect so that we all can live in a society with harmony. I have a friend who is a bisexual. I was once reluctant to befriend him. But now, I always show him my support and I am willing to listen to his difficulties in daily life to help him release stress. Also, I realized that I do not need to do something to fulfill what society expe...

The Inclusion of Transgender Women in the Miss Universe

...Is it fair including transgender women in the Miss Universe pageant or in any beauty pageants that originally allow only biological females, for that matter? Being a predominantly Catholic/Christian country, what is the impact of the inclusion of the transgender woman in the Miss Universe pageant to the population, especially the youth? How do different people react to this recent development? What do people think about the decision of the Miss Universe body to include a transgender woman in its...

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