Tranditional Education and Modern Education Essay

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Tranditional Education and Modern Education

Education has been a means of transmitting one’s culture from one generation to another. As the oldest industry, it is the main instrument used by society to preserve, maintain and upgrade its social equilibrium. A society’s future depends largely on the quality of its citizen’s education, so having a good educational system is very important. Traditional education and modern education is a hot topic among many people, especially parents, teachers and students; but their points of view are different. Traditional education represents rigid education, and modern education represents relaxed education. Some young people think that we should not be so strict with students, and should not give them so much homework to do. We should give them more time for fun. But some old parents don’t hold this view. They think we should be strict with our children. Children are very unruly today and don’t realize the importance of study.

They enjoy comfort and playing, and don’t want to study. If we don’t educate them in a strict way or they will lose themselves and become useless persons. Traditional education and modern education give teachers different positions. In traditional education, teachers are fine examples. Students believe their teacher is the cleverest person in the world and their each decisions are absolute? Actually, teacher of this kind are like fascists. They can’t accept different voices in their class, and students just need to follow the teacher’s steps. In tradition education there is a lack of individualized learning: The secondary education system, for the most part, offers a one-size-fits-all educational methodology. Teachers stand in the front of the class with 25 to 45 students, read from textbooks and lead from workbooks based on predetermined curricula.

More often than not, the teaching topics have been predetermined, and regardless of the needs and interests of the students, the delivery is the same all day to every class. All students are encouraged to face the teacher or gaze at a standardized textbook. In education teachers should push students to participate in discussions, and ignite a students’ imagination. In fact, Modern education is different from the traditional education. Modern education wants teachers to teach students to discover and have independent minds. Students should not become unable to do anything but pass test. What is school like in students’ eyes? Many students think school just like a jail, and teachers are warders. The warders give you the schedule, and you must follow it. They don’t care what you interests are or what you hate.

A student’s interests are not part of the education. In fact, individual student interests are mostly irrelevant when they comes to meeting content standards and academic frameworks. A student’s passion for the guitar or playing soccer has no place in the teaching of algebra or earth science. There is too little supports to help them do what they want to do. Students who are not challenged become bored and stop learning, and students who struggle become frustrated.

In modern education students want teacher who can help students to do interesting things, don’t laugh at them if what they do is unusual or unsuccessful. Inversely, teachers need to encourage and support to them. Traditional education has some benefits, but the negative effects are greater than positive effect. It’s time to change the situation. We need modern education; because we want our children have a good future and nice childhoods. A society’s future depends largely on the quality of its citizen’s education; people who need a good education system help our society develop.

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