Training Key Areas Essay

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Training Key Areas


Employees bring talent, happiness, productivity measures an organization overall prosperity. Corporate responsibility has become an important value in large organizations. At State Farm Insurance, they requires high levels of employee contribution, promoting, diversity to provide to the community. Working towards positive culture will build the employee value and moral over time. Today’s society requires businesses to account for its value on various levels, organizational achievements, community success, and personal growth of employees within State Farm. This paper will analyze key trainings that focus on legal requirements, diversity, and employee growth with larger organizations.

Legal Requirements

The different situations that can result in legal actions include failure to meet all training requirements, injuries sustained during a training session. It is vital that each organization uses the correct copyright material within orientation and that they obtain permission. If permission is not asked for or obtained, the organization is punished by law. State Farm Automobile Insurance Company is looking for ways to structure the workforce so as to minimize the expense of benefits. , State Farm Automobile Insurance Company may require overtime rather than hiring new employees. State Farm utilizes independent contractors rather than hiring employees. Some of their choices are limited by legal requirements. Fair Labor Standards Act requires employees to be paid for their overtime if the employee is nonexempt (Cretella, P, 2013). The Internal Revenue Service limits the definition of “independent contractors” so employees know the difference as a temporary and permanent employee.


Great diversity training within State Farm’s organization provides employees with the proper tools needed to attract new employees and maintain a diversity workplace. The development of diversity training is more than race, gender, culture and ethics. These training programs are offered to each employee and increases the abilities of growth and reduces complaints and lawsuits filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). When a complaint is filed with the EEOC that can be for any violation against the Civil Rights Act Noe,R.A. 2008).

The Civil Rights Act title VII prohibits employment discrimination based on color, national origin, sex, or race (Risser, Rita, 2008). Women, minorities, senior citizens, and disabled workers are treated equally in training session. Diversity recognizes and respects people’s differences and realizes the full potential of promoting different cultures to all employees, staff, students, and consumers. The requirements for organizational training is ensuring all employees are present and none of the materials presented are offensive. Organizations that do not report expenses or reimbursement as income may harm the organization and damage their reputation.

Cultural sensitivity has become increasingly important providing a healthy and productive work environment. Although diversity training can’t change individual’s beliefs, it has the ability to increase awareness, impart knowledge and educate employees further as to how to accept differences among fellow employees. Diversity initiatives enacted by State Farm Insurance Companies help to optimize the money spent on employee salaries, benefits, recruitment and training. In addition, observers characterize diversity training in different ways. Its proponents consider it morally correct because it respects diversity, recognizing the value and contributions of every human being.

Employee Growth

State Farm is committed to retaining talented associates and inviting their best contributions. State Farm expects associates to be accountable for their development, with development plans built in collaboration with and support from team leaders. State Farm employees have a bias toward internal growth, supporting people who demonstrate a commitment to their own development with developmental plans. Managers begin to work closely with employees to mentor and provide them with any desired qualities that he or she may possess and be trained to further advance within the organization. The end result is more stress free environment and increase self-esteem and have fewer turn overs.

State Farm does not end training with the new employees. State Farm feels that there are always opportunities to connect with their employees to the company’s business needs and goals. Providing the employees with a structured training and development program ensures State Farm that employees are receiving experience and background knowledge consistent with trends, current topics relevant to the organization and any other needed support. State Farm employees are continuously receiving training also ensures that all of us have the same exposure to the organizations initiatives. State Farm invests in employee, which makes the employee feel valued and connected with the organization, resulting in the employee being more effective, creative, and loyal to the organization.

Results from legal requirements, diversity, and employee growth Continuously evolution of organizations and employee laws has shaped the way organizations conduct themselves. Creating a work environment that is open to diversity, enables the organization and employees to experience and develop respect for one another. Diversity in the workplace is when the organization has a diverse work place for women and minorities and all guidelines are met. State Farm implements the guidelines of the Civil Rights Act to having an open door policy for all new hires, knowledge, and untapped skills which ensures a bright future for employees and the organization (Cretella, P 2013).

Successful diversity of the workplace enable organizations to gain new talents and skills from an untapped resource. The push for employers to acknowledge women, minorities, and those with that are disabled as viable assets will only enhance the success of State Farm’s growth.


The road is open for all business and or organizations both large and small for diversity, employee growth, and legal requirements which assists with how the organization is conducted. At the end, State Farm has implemented its resources on diversity, employee growth, and legal requirements not only eliminate unnecessary lawsuits but ensures that State Farm Insurance is the organization is reviewed as the employer of choice.

Reference Cretella, Peggy, 2013 Rita Risser, 2008

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