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Training Key areas Essay

Essay Topic:

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As a outside consultant I have decided to look into the Coca Cola business. I will be incorporating employee and organization motivations and information on offering training in three particular areas. These areas include legal requirements, diversity and employee growth. I will go into depth about what the organization will gain in offering the training and how the programs meet professional and personal employee needs. Coca Cola is the number one nonalcoholic beverage company and it is also the world’s most recognizable brand.

This company is the home for five other top drinks as well which are coke, diet coke, fanta and sprite.

All of these combined are worth 16 billion dollars. They also have the world’s largest distribution system and can sell to more than 200 countries. Legal Requirements Coca Cola company believes in responsible corporate governance and they participate in political process to educate the U. S policy makers and help shape a reasonable policies that impact their business.

This company also “complies legal requirements regarding contributions to political organizations, candidates for federal, state and local public office, ballot measure campaigns, political action committees and trade associations.

” Coca Cola’s involvement in these organizations and individuals is part of their commitment to the communities they operate in. All the political activity and contributions of the company and its also associated with (PACs) Political action committees. PACs complies with the U. S laws, regulations and legal reporting requirements. To make sure everything is in order all material is reviewed and approved by the Company senior government relations leaders and Company senior legal counsel.

Coca Cola also has some priority advocacy areas and this includes corporate taxation, restrictions or regulations and environmental policy. Corporate taxation- the company is subject to income tax in the U. S, they are able to advocate for tax reform which enables American-headquarters business to operate around the world on a competitive basis with other non-U. S based companies. Restrictions or Regulations- Coca Cola is a huge contributor to” the economy through local jobs, investments, taxes and community investment.

” This company is against discriminatory tax policies that single out certain beverages. Environmental Policy- This company also advocates for fair policies that impact water quality, packaging and ingredients/agriculture. Diversity Coca Cola already has a very organized company that is able to follow all the correct laws in order to be a successful company. The only training need in the legal requirements area is making sure the employees are aware what all the rules are in order to make sure they know what they are doing and all the laws are being followed.

Diversity in a company can range from language barriers, ethnicity, and even age. Coca Cola focus on a ongoing diversity training that is critical to the advancement of their ongoing journey. This company has created different types of diversity education programs to improve their efforts in reducing conflict and increase their ability to respect, value and leverage the difference to strive for “sustainable business results. ” They have broken down diversity into three parts this includes, diversity education, diversity speaker series and our diversity library.

The one going diversity training helps drive employee engagement, having a work environment that has values and leverages diversity and speeds up productivity. There is also supplier diversity training this helps associates understand how to leverage the “procurement power of the company by creating a pool of suppliers that include minority and women owned business. ” Coca Cola’s aspiration is to be the number one beverage company that connects their brand to an increasing diverse consumer base and having a great work environment will also provide their employees to be the best they can be.

Coca Cola already seems to have a great focus on their diverse employees and they embrace it really well. They already have created programs that will help their employees have a better understanding and also be able to strive for better. As an outside consultant I feel that Coca Cola has already established a good working program for their diverse employees. Nothing really needs to be changed or added to this portion. Employee Growth There can be many reason as to why to work for the Coca Cola company.

They have the ability to make a difference, be part of a diverse team, ability to grow, have a rewarding environment and much more. The Coca Cola company can help you make a difference in the world, it can be through human rights work or even just performing your job well, there are endless opportunities to make an impact and contribution to many communities. Since this company is so large the employees can have many options on where to want to be to further their career. There are over 200 countries and a full catalog of development programs, the “growth opportunities with this company are boundless.

” Working with diverse people can give you a better knowledge and better perspective on everything. At Coca Cola you can work with people who have different backgrounds and ideas. We can’t forget about the benefits and rewards that is also including for the employees. The most common elements of their total rewards programs include: base salary, annual incentives, long term incentives and benefits. The benefits are programs “to ensure that employees receive this and are provided with diverse options that address the issues of individuals and families and promote healthy lifestyles.

” Coca Cola has very strong business values and are very organized with how they want to run their business. Overall viewing this company from an outside perspective they are a very highly profitable company but also know the values and programs that need to be placed in order to stay successful. I feel that just having a regular training base programs will help keep the employees refreshed and knowledgeable about their job position. Citations The Coca-Cola Company. (n. d. ). Retrieved from http://www. coca-colacompany. com/our-company/mission-vision-values

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