Training Key Areas Essay

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Training Key Areas

Employee’s talents, happiness and productivity normally measures on a company’s overall prosperity. Corporate responsibility has become most important value in large organizations. This requires high levels of employee contribution. Community projects and promoting diversity helps companies develop symbiotic relationships with the surrounding environments. Working towards positive corporate culture will surly build the employee value over time. This paper will analyze key trainings that focus on legal requirements, diversity and employee growth, all focusing on larger companies. Legal Requirements

According to the article “Employee Training Development” written by Noe, the different situations that can result in legal actions in a organization include, failure to meet training requirements, employee sustaining injuries due or during training or a injury outside of the training session. The breach of Confidentiality against employees or an employer is also punishable by law and it entitles the employee to punitive damages as their result of injury to his or her character. It’s also vital that the organization that is using the copyright material within its training; that they obtain permission and that it is legal and punishable by law.

The business must maintain and abide by both federal and state regulations in addition to the local laws; because these laws may permit the amount of hours required by laws to maintain the status of a Limited Liability Company. Organizations that are established under a Limited Liability Company must keep track of an updated hour list that are spending on training and the people that participated in the trainings. Depending if the company is a sole proprietorship, corporation or a limited liability; the legal advisor can only strengthen the company after the trainings. The relationship between legal advisors and lawyers is extremely beneficial because he or she is well educated in the goals and objectives and can provide influential perspectives on any opportunities that can benefit the company in the future. The relationship between the employer and legal advisor is also important because they ensure that the employer is knowledgeable of the laws in other states as they are different depending on location of the business. Diversity

The development of diversity training is further than just race, gender, culture and work ethic. Great diversity training within the company provides the employers the proper tools that are needed to attract new employers and maintain their great diversity work place. The diversified management and leadership programs provide coaching to assist individuals, by doing this it will create exceptional employer and employee relationships. These training programs that will be offered will increase the abilities of growth for the company and reduces the complaints and lawsuits that may be filled with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Complaints that would be filled with the EEOC would be any violation against the Civil Rights Act.

The Civil Rights Act title VII prohibits employment discriminations based on sex, race, color or national origin. (EEOC, n.d.). The requirement needs for organization training is ensuring that all employees are present. Also that no materials presented are or could be offensive to any employees. Lastly organizations that are incorrectly report its training sessions as expenses’ or report reimbursements as income may harm the organization in forms of lawsuits and can very well damage the reputation. Employee Growth

Employee growth is when organizations establish diversity training. When men and women participate in education courses, counseling services, and career development, it can lead to promotions and internal career advancement. The success of managers and hourly employees advancing to salary positions will produce a rippled affect as managers strive to their goals. Managers begin working closely with employees to mentor and provide them with any desired qualities that he or she may possess but need training to advance further. The end result is more stress free environment and increase in self esteem, and less turn over’s. Conclusion

Even though in all business are different, they mostly all want the same end result; success. The road to get to success is quite similar, hard work and dedication. Employee growth, legal requirements and diversity will help get to the right road, yet clearly it takes work and trainings and patience. The end result will be worth the hardship. A company must be willing to do the job correctly and it will have success.

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