Training in Diversity Essay

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Training in Diversity

Skills and expertise in a specific type of job is necessary in order for a person to be selected in positions in certain companies. Nowadays, having the financial and economic crisis, companies tend to choose personnel with the highest or best expertise from the pool of apprentices in the desired field of work. It will be a waste of time and money if the companies will no t be able to get a quality and efficient personnel.

In observing the business world, the recession has not greatly affected the food industries except for the breakout of melamine and Salmonella for some cases, and I can say telecommunication services still have its place unmoved. I observed that companies with the aim of hiring and getting professionals in the job or places of the representatives are conducting trainings that might bring out their potentials offer degrees, say a 6 month review and hands on training with the supervisors and other professionals.

Since the job needs skilled people, the requirement to become a certified customer care representative is at least a Bachelor’s Degree and a proficiency in English. Bishop and Company in Waipahu Hawaii, for instance opens a number of position for customer care representatives but provides a temporary contract with the workers, thus only have 8 hours work at day time. On the other hand, in the Philippines, particularly BPO Training Academy caters a number of trainings that will aid the call center agents or representatives to deal with the problems and the sole nature of the work.

The company provides an outlook of a job thus giving its student quality education that in turn is a tool in overcoming the struts and frustrations of a call center agent. Moreover, even if the company requires fees for the training, the students have assurance for employment for the company has a number of partners that are in line with providing best service and assistance on line.


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