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Training circuit Essay

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The graph below shows my heartrate from week 1-3 of my training circuit. As you can see the first thing I did was to take my resting pulse rate, this was to act as a baseline so I could work out how quickly my heart rate recovers after I complete the circuit. As you can see the resting pulse is inconsistent throughout this is because some weeks I did some exercise before I took my pulse rate. I am pleased with the results of my heart rate as it shows that I have become fitter over the time I have been doing my circuits.

I know this because each week I have a faster recovery rate

Week 4-6 results are different to week 1-3 as in week 4-6 we were doing the circuit twice so this meant my heart beat was obviously higher after I completed the circuit as I had worked harder. A good thing about theses results is that it shows my fitness has improved from week 4-6 and it shows my circuit was a success After each training session I recorded how I thought the circuit went.

I recorded the way I felt after each session and what I thought I could improve on the next time I did the circuit. Below are the results:

Week 1 On the whole taking into consideration it was the first time I had done the circuit, I thought week one went well. I was pleased with my sprint start results but I thought I could have done better on the ladders. The good thing that came out of this session was that it highlighted that there was room for improvement. I was overall pleased with my general performance.

Week 2 I felt I had improved from last week and this was evident from my results. The one thing I was disappointed with was my press ups, as my score had lowered by 5 from the previous week. The thing I thought I’d done the best on was the Illinois test as I knocked a second of my previous result. I was also pleased that I managed to improve on the ladders as I got 31 compared to 22 last week. Next week I hope to improve on press ups.

Week 3 I wasn’t too pleased with my performance as I felt I hadn’t really improved from the last time I did the circuit. Although I managed to improve my score on the sit ups and skipping I failed to improve on the other stations. Next week I hope to improve my performance on all the stations although I realise I will have to pace myself as I have to do the circuit twice next week.

Week 4 This week I did my circuit twice this meant that my results might not have been as good as the previous weeks because of the extra exercise involved , it also meant that I had to pace myself. The first time around I was pleased with how I performed and I actually managed to improve on my results from the previous week in the majority of stations. The only problem was that after the first time round I was very tired so I new this would effect my performance on the second circuit lap. The second time around I thought I performed well on certain stations which didn’t involve much physical exercise such as the co-ordination test but not so good on physically demanding station. Next week I will try to improve my results on the second time I do the circuit.

Week 5 I felt this week went well and I thought it was my best performance as I managed to get some of my best results so far on the majority of the stations. I was especially pleased with my results on the skipping as I beat my previous scores .The second time I did the circuit I felt it went well as I managed to get better results than the previous week. This showed that I have improved over the weeks and my stamina has improved. Next week will be my last week of doing the circuit therefore I will try my hardest to better all my previous results.

Week 6 I was pleased in the way I performed in this week and it highlighted how much I had improved over the past 6 weeks. In all the stations I did ,I had improved on the results from the first week. After completing the circuit I was pleased with the level of effort I had put in and also how much I had improved.


I applied overload and progression into my circuit by increasing the time and intensity of which I did each station. Overload is a key thing needed in the training circuit, as when you are in your threshold you are working at your best so you are most likely to improve. By applying progression it makes my body work to its full potential, I will apply progression by extending the amount of times I do the circuit starting with once a week then progressing to twice a week. This will improve my fitness by making my body work harder.

I believe I chose the right stations in order to improve my football skills and fitness. I believe I balanced my stations well as some were designed to improve my fitness and others were designed to improve my skill. I feel I could have perhaps put more stations into my circuit and this would have helped to improve my fitness further, as I only had 10 stations, where I could have had 12. I felt however that the stations chosen were the right ones and were the best to help me achieve my goal. If I was to change anything I would have done without the Stalk Stand , as I didn’t feel it helped and also my results on this station didn’t improve throughout the 6 weeks.

A good thing about my circuit was that it was easy to manage in the way that it was easy to set up, record and to perform .This was because I had done lots of planning before I began my circuit so I new exactly what I was doing step by step. Recording my results wasn’t really a problem as I had already planned how I was going to record each station and even made predictions as to how I was going to perform on each station .

One of the main criticisms of my circuit was that I do not believe it was in the correct order and I wish I had taken more time to design it before hand. A problem with not having stations in the right order was that I got tired quickly as I had ladders before step ups and in practise this was a bad decision as these were two physically demanding tasks. What I should have done was to put a less physically demanding station between the two and by doing this I would have given myself more of a rest. I would also have been able to pace myself better making sure I got the best scores possible on each station.

On the whole I believe my circuit went well, as I thought it was at the right level in comparison to my fitness. It was important to make my circuit at the right level as if it had been too easy then it wouldn’t have made me work in my threshold, therefore it would have been unlikely that I would have improved my fitness. Also if I had made my circuit too hard it would have meant that I would have been a lot more likely to pick up an injury and also I wouldn’t have been able to perform as well at each station.

I did enjoy completing my training circuit as I enjoy keeping fit. I believe this was one of the main reasons my training circuit was successful as when you enjoy doing something you put more effort into it. I felt I did push myself to the limit on each station of my circuit. I know this because of how I felt physically and my results proved it as they show my fitness has improved over the 6 week period. Overall I am very pleased with the way I completed the training circuit and I am pleased with my results.

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