Training Essay Topics

P.E Evaluation – Circuit Training

Doing a Circuit Training is the best training method I did. It worked specific muscle in different areas of my body (e.g. my arms worked on my triceps and biceps, my legs worked on my calves etc). I did do the exercises in the right order. But since there was a lot of people I… View Article

Methods of Training

You can see that I am near the top end of the ‘good’ band.  Personal Exercise Program  Now that I have worked out the areas that I am going to train, I can plan my programme using the following principles:  1. The principle of progression. This means starting slowly and building up gradually. The body takes time… View Article

Training circuit

The graph below shows my heartrate from week 1-3 of my training circuit. As you can see the first thing I did was to take my resting pulse rate, this was to act as a baseline so I could work out how quickly my heart rate recovers after I complete the circuit. As you can… View Article

Dog Training

Information to be output The output of the information will contain, the veterinary surgery’s name, address and phone number and the surgery opening times on the back page. The opening times will make clear that the weekend surgeries are only for urgent cases. This leaflet will also give out the hours of emergency information. The… View Article

Training & Development

At McDonald’s they have training that will benefit the managers for example they offer courses to the applicants. For the first 18 weeks, they will build foundations for their entire career. Amongst other things, they will discover how to prepare food, master the equipment, develop their serving ability and learn how to motivate a team…. View Article

Training Needs Analysis

TNA is a review of learning and development needs for staff, volunteers, and trustees within an organisation. It considers the skills, knowledge and behaviours that the staff require and this needs to be developed effectively. TNA can be conducted at three levels; Organisational, Team and individual level. The purpose of TNA is to ensure that… View Article

Suitably qualified staff

Staffing to meet changing business demands Suitably qualified staff may be recruited or trained within the organisation to have the right level of skills when they first join the business. At XMA computers, they need to have enough staff to meet demand but not too many as they would be wasting money on their wages…. View Article

Pre-Training, During-Training and Post-Training Activities

Training is one of the most frequently used Human Resource Development (HRD) interventions. Positive transfer of training is defined as the degree to which the trainees effectively apply the knowledge, skills and attitudes gained in training for the job. The purpose of this study is to determine whether pre-training, during-training and post-training activities significantly influence… View Article

My Shipboard Training

It started June 09, 2012, together with 9 Filipino crew embarked MV CAPE LIBERTY at Kakogawa, Japan. I felt excited although it’s not my first time I’m in a ship, but for a almost a year i will stay with 16 Filipinos and 4 other crews that are Koreans. The first day, the chief officer… View Article

Escape and Evade Training

The applications of military simulations can be categorized into three types: 1) those for research, development, and acquisition, 2) those for the study of advanced concepts and requirements and; 3) those for training, education and military operations. In the first group, simulation models provide insight into the cost and performance of military equipment, processes, or… View Article

Physiological adaptations to Exercise of an Aerobic Training Program

Fitness is popular nowadays, as its profitability to health, beauty, physical and psychological state of a person has was proved by multiple research and practice long time ago. However, one should be really careful in choosing an aerobic training program. There are lots of factors to think about and keep in mind while selecting an… View Article

Track And Field training

Introduction             Track and field sport is a contest in running, hurdling, walking, jumping, vaulting, and throwing. The track events (running, hurdling, and walking contests) are held on an oval track. The field events (jumping, vaulting, and throwing contests) are held at various areas nearby. The season begins indoors in winter and extends throughout the… View Article

The Promise of Public-Sector Sponsored Training Programs

The problems brought by the widening gap of US labor force with other workers in industrialized nation has alarmed public institutions that skills development trainings were seen as viable way to increase worker’s capability to increase income and reduce dependence on social welfare. This paper discusses the historical background on the concerns over human resource… View Article

Training needs analysis

In simple terms, training refers to the imparting of specific skills, abilities and knowledge to an employee. A formal definition of training is “ it is any attempt to improve current or future employee performance by increasing an employee’s ability to perform through learning, usually by changing the employee’s attitude or increasing his or her… View Article

Training and Trust

The training of an individual, especially in the field of profession, plays an important part in his or her ability to trust others. The demands of the profession and the degree to which it calls for individual skills, talents and prowess surely affect the ability of a person to trust others and work with them…. View Article