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Tragedy story Essay

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‘A View from the Bridge’ is a story that ends in tragedy. A tragedy is a disaster or misfortune, which was never supposed to happen. This play ends tragically as Eddie dies because Marco killed him in self-defence. The immigration finds Marco and Rudolpho, therefore the whole family splits up. Marco may be put in prison or sent back to Italy this will make him unable to provide for his family and will split it up.

Eddie and Beatrice have brought up Catherine. Since the death of her parents Eddie has been like a father to her. However as she gets older, his feelings for her might have turned into adult love. Eddie does not like the fact that Catherine is growing up and she goes out all dressed up in short skirts and high heels and gets attention from other men. It seems as though he is jealous. Catherine is a teenage girl soon to become an adult; Eddie just can’t accept that. At the beginning of the play on page 6, Eddie comments on the way that Catherine is dressed he does not like it and also how she walks.

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“You are walkin’ wavy! I don’t like the looks they’re givin’ you in the candy store” He says this as though he is concerned for her, like a father. He also does not want her to be so friendly with other men as they might get the wrong idea. These are the first signs that reveal his jealousy. On pages 9-11 Catherine has been offered a job, far away from her house, she is really happy and is proud of herself. Eddie does not want her to leave and is trying to say things against her working there. He wants her to work in a nice place and also nearby.

“Maybe a lawyer’s office someplace in New York in one of them nice buildings.” Catherine is quite upset as she had her heart set on that job. Eddie eventually changes his mind because of Beatrice. Eddie is controlling Catherine therefore he does not want her to move away. “I support you this long” This shows that he is the breadwinner. If he has supported her for this long he will not stop now. It also means that he is the man of the house and in charge.

Beatrice realises the feelings that Eddie has towards Catherine. On pages 29-31 Beatrice is telling Catherine that she needs to act grown up infront of Eddie. Beatrice is saying it because she does not want Eddie to get he wrong impression as she knows what he is like. She does not want Eddie to treat Catherine like a baby anymore, as she is old enough to make her own decisions. Eddie and Beatrice’s marriage is not going well at all. Eddie never listens to Beatrice whenever she tries to talk to him. She tries to talk to him on page 24 about the relationship but he does not respond as Catherine is on his mind. Beatrice suspects that he has unnatural feelings towards Catherine. On pages 62-63 Beatrice is trying to get Eddie to calm down but he does not listen to her at all. She then tells him about the love that he has for Catherine, but he denies it.

“You want somethin’ else, Eddie you can never have her!” Alfieri says in his speech that the play will take its ‘bloody course’. This tells the audience that something terrible will happen in the play. Alfieri also realises the feelings Eddie has towards Catherine; he gives him advice not to get to close to Catherine. Alfieri knows that Eddie loves her more than he should. If Eddie loves Catherine romantically, then the relationship between them is bound to end unhappily, because of the family ties between them. Eddie is aggressive with Beatrice and Alfieri whenever they bring this up.

The arrival of the cousins acts as a catalyst and all the tensions that already existed are brought to the surface. When Rudolpho and Marco first arrive at the house Eddie is being extremely kind and welcoming to them both but soon after, he is only really talking to Marco. When Rudolpho starts singing he tells him to stop. I think this is because he thinks that men should not be singing the way he does. He may also want him to stop singing because he knows that Catherine likes the way he sings and does not want Catherine to fall for him. He says it as though he does not want the immigration to catch him. “Look, kid; you don’t want to be picked up, do ya?” He also does not like it because Rudolpho is spending a lot of time with Catherine, he is jealous.

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