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Essay on Traffic Rules And Road Safety

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Road Rage Is A Growing Problem

According to AAA, “30% of all drivers have admitted to playing traffic games at one point of their life.” An example of this is when a driver slows down because he is being tailgated, only to have the tailgater pass the driver and slow down as "punishment.” The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration urges all drivers that find themselves in a situation like this to, “Do whatev...

Traffic Management and Congestion in London

Undoubtedly, the creation of London Congestion Charge System was one of the effective decisions in the policy of the British Government. The scheme had very significant impact on improving the traffic flow, it had positively affected to the economy of the city, and also it had a noticeable contribution to saving the environment and keeping it clean. Also, the system plays important role in London...

Traffic Congestion in Big Cities

Second point is that metro can effectively complement bus system, and take large part of bus travelers. However metro can be a reason of increase traffic congestion in distance future, because of its impact in city infrastructure and population. To avoid problem of impending it is necessary to create polices and combine all traffic systems: car system, bus system, and underground subway system in ...

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Pros and Cons of Bike Helmets

There is also the cost associated with wearing bike helmets. Though they can be purchased for as little as thirty dollars, not wearing one is completely free. And if you're buying helmets for the entire family, the cost can certainly add up. Ultimately, a little chin chafing and the risk of looking bit goofy seem minor when compared to a serious head injury or even death. A look at the pros and co...

The Big Twist

Seven reference specimens were placed in an austenitizing furnace at 844°C for one hour. After austenitizing, six of the samples were immediately quenched in water at room temperature and four of them were placed in tempering furnaces at 205°C, 370°C, 482°C, and 677°C for one hour. The other two were left at room temperature. The samples were next sanded with abrasive paper to remove surface ...

Traffic Rules And Road Safety Riding a Bike

How to always be cautious of your surroundings, and on the watch for cars, How to always ride in the direction of traffic, and how to always put yourself in the safest position while sharing the road with cars. Each of these laws could be explained while showing a short clip of an individual following the law and smiling while they enjoy a nice day out while riding their bike. After our point has ...

London Congestion Charging

What about people on a low wage, old people, young mothers who are dependent on their motor car not only in London but throughout the nation? To those people, �5,000 or �10,000 a year is a lot. What I want to know is this. What consultations has the Labour party had with groups of disabled people? What consultations has it had with the unions in regard to low wage earners? What consultat...

Motorways' Speedy Transportation vs Traffic Accidents


Speed Detection System

We follow the proposed method, it will reduce the average waiting time in small and medium population cities, and we can say it require very less equipment and no need of the skill labour, based on these considerations we can say for moderate population cities it will be one good method to control the traffic lights at the junctions. Intelligent speed breaker control system also one good idea to g...

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