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Traffic and Pollution of Goat Islands

The controversy of allowing the Chinese to occupy the Goat Islands thus developing it into a logistics hub has caused uproar from the relevant institution in Jamaica and its citizens toward the Jamaican government. This has caused the asking of these questions what the environmental regulation issues are? What are the contemporary infrastructure development issues? Will this multi-billion dollar project cost more to the people of Jamaica than it benefits them and has the Jamaican government adequately informed the electorate about the situation.

Jamaica has been long ecognised as a very beautiful country, its natural resources have brought in millions of tourist over the last few years. Making it a very popular destination in the Caribbean its white sand beaches, breath taking views and beautiful landscape, However, with Jamaica being a third world country and its government aiming to transform it into a first world country by 2030, the goat islands are ideal examples of a beautiful landscape that is being threaten by development.

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The problem is that with the development of goat islands as a logistics hub, questions are being asked bout how the air, the water and vegetation will be affected. And how will it affect the inhabitants of the islands. Having developed the goat islands the amount of sea traffic would result in the air being polluted due to the exhausts from the ships, the power plants, vehicles, machines etc. this is Just assuming that the inhabitants were saved during the development of the logistic hub.

As we all know that air is very fundamental to life, its breathers rely on it for their very survival, and however, air is harmless when it is polluted.

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And when air is polluted it can slowly kill a person and he same goes for animals which populate the islands. For example contaminated air can damage the respiratory systems of the birds and insects would have to relocate due to the bad quality of the air which would lead to it affecting animals and plant that depend on it.

The air of the goat islands would suffer due to the logistic hub day to day activities the ships, the machines, vehicle and other pollutant emitting objects. The beautiful and full of life waters that surround the waters would be at the mercy of the developers. The very water that separates the goat island from the its mother and, acts as a sanctuary for the fishes who breed at the coast also acts as a home for lobster crabs and couch.

The waters of the goat islands also allows fishermen a way of living. What would then come of the waters after the development of the goats islands? The waters would become polluted, and who will it affect? Not the developers (Chinese) but the very creatures and humans who depend on it for their survival. It is also a known fact that china isn’t well known for a clean environmental record, look at there own water for example, and try imaging the same for the waters f goat islands.

The reef would suffer due to the increased traffic on the coast and this is keeping in mind that the levelling of the land doesn’t kill off the reef during the development phase. This would lead to the fishes losing its sanctuary and dying causing a ripple effect that would affect the food chain. The waters hugging the islands of the goat islands would be suffer due the pollution and also its inhabitants and fishermen who rely on it for their survival. The vegetation is very important to the inhabitants of the goat islands.

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