Traffic Accident Essay

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Traffic Accident

Traffic accidents are considered modern problems which are causing enormous human and material losses to many people and resulting of them many temporary and permanent injuries and they cause enormous damages to the public and private properties. It is not an exaggeration to say that victims of the road accidents are more than the victims of wars and terrorist operations in the world. Some statistics indicated that the number of deaths resulting from car accidents were over (300) thousand people annually, and the estimated number of the injured people between the (10-15) million.

Moreover, statistics indicated that the numbers of injuries in the United States alone were more than three and a half million yearly (Butler et al. , 1999). It is sad that (10%) of those injured people are children and the percentage of children who are exposed to injuries caused by traffic accidents in some countries might be increasing to reach more than (20%) as indicated in the Bulletin of Jordanian Traffic Institute.

Some reports indicated that more than (300,000) children are exposed to injuries caused by road accidents in the United States alone (Hauschildt, 2002). What should be mentioned in this regard is that the victims of traffic accidents in the developing world countries are much more comparing with those in the developed countries as referred to in bulletin of the World Health Organization (Gender & Health, (2002).

All governments make efforts to reduce accidents and thus reduce their negative effects. It is unfortunate that the negative effects of car accidents are linked to the minds of many as material loss, pain and suffering physical disabilities only, but the psychological effects perhaps because of its disappearance of the human eye wasn’t paid attention to and was ignored by many other people even by those who linked to researchers in the third world.

It is logical that physical injuries and some psychological symptoms resulting directly from the accident receive priority in care and attention, but scientific researches confirm that some of the road accidents or those who witnessed them could show that they subsequently cause psychological disorders which may develop into severe symptoms (Butler et al. , 1999). Although the injured in traffic accidents may receive some kind of social support of their natural resources like relatives and friends in attempting to ease the negative effects resulting from traffic accidents, there are things we must draw attention to, which are:

I. All the people who were exposed to such incidents do not receive the appropriate degree of support. II. Ordinary people had been unaware of the type of the appropriate or desired social support for the victim (of an accident). III. Professional specialists have the necessary knowledge to monitor the indicators or symptoms which may be hidden from ordinary people, or difficult for them to interpret, especially in the light of the available knowledge. Although many of the symptoms resulting from traffic accidents do not appear immediately after the accident.

It should be noted here that psychological wounds which inflicted on those who are exposed to traffic accidents may stay with them for a long time even after physical injuries heal. Perhaps the reason behind some athletes not recovering to their previous levels of performance before their exposure to an injury is psychological wounds are not less damaging than physical injuries; they even might be more serious in their effects. It is striking that the insurance companies in the developed countries pay profitable compensations for the effects of psychological wounds resulting from car accidents (Butler et al. , 1999). In this context, traffic accidents partially result of violations committed by an individual who hurt another individual or group of members of the society. Perhaps the gravity of the dangers of traffic accidents increases the awareness and stimulates efforts to alleviate the psychological effects. Accidents cause numerous physical and moral losses reflected on the driver and society alike, represented in human losses up to death of the driver himself or a member of his family or his\her entire family. The losses may fully exceed in one accident to several persons or a family, and the driver remains alive.

There were losses that reached cutting one of the organs or an injury that caused the driver a permanent disability. All of this would deeply generate painful psychological disorders and wounds, such as psychological trauma, depression and excess irritable emotions and loss and lack of concentration at work, thus we can sum up the problem of the study that there are psychological disorders and problems resulting from traffic accidents of the 3rd category private license drivers who are responsible for traffic accidents.

The importance of this study could be formulated in the following: First: The theoretical aspect: –The issues of traffic accidents and what these accidents’ backward of damages considered from the humanitarian issues affecting society feelings and leaving deep wounds in the human soul. –The results of traffic accidents are not only confined to the participants in the incident only, but to the whole society, whether the psychological, social, human and economic level.This research is considered a serious attempt to shed light on the psychological disorders suffered by the driver, who cause accidents. Second: the practical aspect: Access to results that help to reduce traffic accidents’ results on the human psyche. This research paves the way for the subsequent researches in different and divers environments, cultures and variables.

The following nihilism hypotheses have been formulated to answer in this study: I. There are no statistical differences between traffic accidents and psychological trauma for the drivers who are involved in the traffic accidents from the holders of 3rd category-private driving license. II. There are no statistical differences between traffic accidents and a state of depression among the drivers who are involved in the traffic accidents from the holders of 3rd category-private driving license. III. There are no statistical differences between traffic accidents and cases of nervousness for the drivers who are involved in the traffic accidents from the holders of 3rd category-private driving license. IV. There are no statistical differences between traffic accidents and the lack of concentration at work for the drivers who are involved in the traffic accidents from the holders of 3rd category-private driving license.

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