Traffic Essay Topics

Trafficking of African Women and Girls

INTRODUCTION:  Human trafficking, the modern euphemism for slavery, is a major problem in Africa. The trafficking in women and girls is now considered the third largest source of profit for organized crime, behind only drugs and arms. This is an inhuman condition which cannot be allowed to emerge, as it tarnishes the color of human… View Article

Traffic Rank

Traffic rankings are ratings or statistics of websites depending on the frequency of web page views and the reach or the number of users who view these web pages. Both the page views and the reach are calculated through thorough sorting, computing, and averaging to arrive at the results of the statistics. Alexa is an… View Article

Traffic Camera Lights Should Be Installed

Red light running is a common problem in roads and intersections. According to the focus report from Texas House Representatives, injuries and fatalities from red light crashes had increased annually from 10,000 in the year 1975 to 24,000 in the year 2001 (Focus Report, p 1). In California, from the report of the National Advisory… View Article

Traffic Congestion

  Americans are proud of their automobiles. It is a sign of their success. Since more people want to drive to work, public transit, nationwide, is usually a money-losing proposition.  Traffic congestion is one of the most serious transportation problems Americans face. It is bad for drivers, bad for business, and bad for the environment…. View Article

Traffic Rules

Rules are meant to break. This is a common saying among the Teens to their parents and teachers. Whether they do it or not, we Indians do break the Traffic Rules to our level best at least in small lanes. The only way to inculcate any rules within us is to create a fear of… View Article

Traffic Jam in Lagos State

Traffic Jam is a condition on road networks that occurs as use increases, and is characterized by slower speeds, longer trip times and increased vehicular queuing. There are all sorts of things that give Lagos a bad name. If it’s not the heaps of rubbish on the roads or the unwelcome attention you get from… View Article

Traffic Rules Obey Them or Die

Every day people die on the roads due to reckless driving, speeding, etc and we blame the government for failing to provide good roads. But as responsible citizens, we can make the roads safer for all by simply following some basic traffic rules.EOPLE HOLD the government responsible for all the problems in the society ranging… View Article

Sat Nav Product Usage (Tomtom)

The TomTom XL IQ is used by plug & go which means the device couldn’t be simpler to use as all you do is plug in and tap the touch screen. The simplified menu makes it easy to navigate through the device and find your destination. Also used for the text to speech feature for… View Article

State Farm Dangerous Intersection

Abstract State Farm, the nation’s largest auto insurer, distributed a list of the 10 most dangerous intersections in the United States based on crashes resulting in claims by its policyholders. What started as a study to reduce risk turned into an ongoing study that directs a major public relations effort: State Farm provides funds for… View Article

High Street in Hirwaun

Drawing from what I have learned from the study materials, I will be looking at High Street in Hirwaun and outlining some of the inequalities in comparison to City Road. Even though both City Road and High Street are over 200 years old and began as just country lanes, they have very different layouts. City… View Article

The Causes of Traffic Accident

Traffic accident kills thousands of people every year. The causes of traffic accident are divided into three main reasons. First of all, drunk driving is the most noticeable cause which occurs almost every day in Cambodia society. There is a quote about drunk driving ‘Drunk, no driving and Drive, no drinking’, yet many people will… View Article

Traffic Accident

It is believed that the number of the people who have died in trafficaccidents is much higher than that of the people who have died of cancer or any other disease. In Ho Chi Minh City, the problem of traffic accidents is really serious. The following measures should be taken to reduce the seriousness/to minimize… View Article

Traffic Jam

Traffic jam is one of popular issue in over the world in general and Vietnam’s big cities in particular. The scientists and Vietnam Government have found out the causes of this problem, one of main causes is the traffic participant’s awareness. These include the knowledge about traffic regulations, respecting for the traffic policeman’s controlling and… View Article

Traffic Rules Implementation

Traffic consists of pedestrians, street cars, ridden animals, bicycles and other motor vehicles. The enhancement of technology and the start of urbanization have transformed the standard living of individuals in travelling and moving goods and commodities from one place to another. These changes brought difficulty and problem of travelling due to the unavoidable traffic congestions… View Article

How Material Things Contribute Towards Differences on a Street

Taking into consideration that ‘difference is not the same as inequality’ (Blakeley et al., 2009, p. 24), this essay intends to look at KÖ and outline how the material things contribute towards differences with reference to City Road; deriving from the premise that the material assets of a street can generate either an inclusive or… View Article

Impaired and Aggressive Driving

Impaired and aggressive driving can both very often lead to incidents on the road. If you do either of them, you can risk your life and the life of others. If people drive responsibly they will reduce the chances of conflicts on the road and help make our roads safer. The definition of impaired driving… View Article

Traffic Management

INTRODUCTION With the increase in urbanization, many cities around the world are experiencing a very rapid growth in the number of vehicles which lead to serious traffic congestion problems. This places a greater demand on operating roadway systems with maximum efficiency. One major factor that affects the traffic flow is the management of the traffic… View Article

Road Safety

Hai friends, teachers and the judges on the dice my name is santhiya from VIII ‘B’. I am here to give you a small speech about road safety. Road safety refers to method and measure for reducing the risk of a person using the road network being killed or seriously injured. Road traffic crashes are… View Article

Road Safety Rules

Road traffic safety refers to methods and measures for reducing the risk of a person using the road network being killed or seriously injured. The users of a road include pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, their passengers, and passengers of on-road public transport, mainly buses and trams. Best-practice road safety strategies focus upon the prevention of serious… View Article

Road and Drivers

Traffic accidents are big problem for megacities. Traffic accidents are caused by people, lack of traffic signs, problems of infrastructure… Especially people should be aware of distractions that cause most common traffic accident. Because most common traffic accidents are caused by distractions. In megacities like Istanbul people don’t care traffic rules. They just use the… View Article

Who Causes Collision

Come aboard the Operation Lifesaver train and take a moment to complete the following quiz. Remember to use your common sense, because failure to do so could be fatal! Thank you for taking part in our quiz. Your quiz score: 14/15 Feel free to take the quiz again or visit for more information. All… View Article

Road Rage

It’s a jungle out there, well not really, it’s worse than a jungle. It’s a stretch of roadway and in place of the ravenous tigers, stampeding rhinos and slithery anacondas, are your co-workers, neighbours and friends. even Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister and your best friends. They’re in a hurry and your in their way. So… View Article

Traffic Congestion in Big Cities

Traffic congestion is one of the main problems in big cities like London, New York, Copenhagen, and Delhi. The primary causes of it are high population and movement of people. With progress in engineering, humanity invents many initiatives to solve this problem. One of the that is public transport area, particularly Metro. The Metro is… View Article

Personal Marketing Plan Personal

Introduction Upon completion of my undergraduate degree in Aviation Management, I will pursue a career with a major airline. Not only will I realize a life long dream but also it will be a personal accomplishment in an academic road that was often complicated. Ideals may change, values do not and some things just take… View Article

The car crash

Joni woke remembering that she still needed to get out of the car her last thought before she’d fell unconscious, even though the bright lights stung her eyes her headache worse than before. She pushed her self up onto her elbows, groaning quietly at the pain that suddenly shot down her arm in response to… View Article

Road accidents

Road accidents have been and will continue to be one of the greatest health hazards. Statistically, it has been shown that the number of death and injuries due to road accidents. It has been increasing steadily. Why these road accidents, occurring in our daily routines? Is they forgot road safety rules? There are many causes… View Article

Car Accident

On a beautiful sunny September day in 2007, after a long and stressful workday, I took a left turn that forever changed my life. It was a day like most other work days. I was ready to get home, make some dinner, and get settled for the night – but that never happened. I picked… View Article

Situational Writing Accident Report

Dear Sir/Madam, Re: Report on a fatal accident witnessed along Ai Sing Road I am Lenita Loh from Primary 6A of Ai Sing Primary School. Yesterday, Monday, 5th of May 2008, at 3.25pm, I witnessed a fatal accident outside my school, along Ai Sing Road. The horrific accident involving the reckless driver of a white… View Article

Growing Acme Fireworks

There is much to consider when expanding a business. How will you make, market, and distribute your product. Are you willing to take full liability for your product and understanding the legalities of what happens if your product is defective? Once that has been established, it’s important to make sure that your business dealings are… View Article

The Benefits of Carpooling

Carpooling is enjoying the comforts of car travel while utilising the car more efficiently and in a more environmentally friendly manner. There are a number of benefits of carpooling: 1. Environmental. By carpooling you can contribute to less cars on the road, which means less traffic congestion, less greenhouse gas emissions, less pollution, less consumption… View Article