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Traditional Love VS Contemporary Love Essay

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Love refers to an ineffable and strong feeling towards another human being. It encompasses very many different feelings ranging from nonsexual feelings to passionate desire and intimacy associated with romantic love. Cancian (2000) explains that, Love has many forms which acts as main facilitator of interpersonal relationships and because of its psychological importance, love is one of the mostly used theme in the creative arts. All that we hear and see explains that romantic love is one of the greatest ideal, we all have to fall in love at one point and should stay in love.

            The traditional perspective on marriage and love was a very great sense of commitment, fidelity and loyalty while the contemporary love is full of good feelings and emotional highs. Contemporary love is full of romance which is a decorated or exaggerated way of expressing love while the traditional love emphasized on true love which contained fidelity, loyalty and commitment.

Romance and commitment really spice up a relationship but romance alone can not be defined as love since one can be very romantic with someone while their hearts and love are very far.

Cancian (2000) urges that, Others just get romantic with people of the opposite sex just to satisfy their sexual desires with no feelings of love to the partner. On the other hand, commitment is accompanied with love since there is no way one can decide to be loyal, faithful and committed to someone without that strong feeling of love. Faithfulness, loyalty and commitment are fruits of strong and true love but this doesn’t mean romance is not important, it spices up a relationship.

            The modern romantic love is the personal freedom we have of expressing our feelings of love together with our feelings of how we would want the special person we love and care about feel us and see us. It is more of a modern touch to relationships and it is like an addiction. A relationship becomes more exciting if it has traditional love toped up with romantic love. Traditional love gives the durability aspect while the contemporary love gives the emotional aspect. Traditional love wins over contemporary love for being very solid, resilient and lasting, whereas contemporary love tends to last for a very short period of time as proved by many marriages in United states that has only lasted for a very short time.

Romantic love is like fire which burns brightly for a short period and then it goes off. It is very easy to be faithful, loyal and committed to a partner that you love which makes relationships based on traditional love permanent. However without romance love lacks taste and excitement and it just become a routine. It is therefore very important to keep a balance of the two because when one truly loves, respect, faithfulness, commitment and loyalty to the partner becomes the fruits of love and at the same time the element of joy that is as a result of romance should be present. The human heart takes care of the contemporary love while the mind takes care of the traditional love.

            Love has no limits and is very free, one has only to give it generously to others and will have more coming back. Both the traditional love and contemporary love are important because they compliment each other. Contemporary love gives the joy of being in a relationship while the traditional love gives fidelity, commitment and loyalty. For any relationship to last long and for it to be full of joy, both traditional and contemporary love should be emphasized.

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