Traditional Classroom Essay

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Traditional Classroom

There are some kids who are easily distracted by the smallest things that prevent them to learn in a traditional classroom. There are many reasons why it’s difficult to learn in a traditional classroom. One of the biggest distractions in the classroom is the class clowns. This is what enables most students to concentrate. The students get caught up in watching the class clowns that they don’t pay attention to their own work. Causing them to fall behind, making it very difficult to catch up.

While in online school you can always go back to see what you missed. Another distraction is caused by the schoolgirls either they’re too worried about looking cute or they’re worried about boys gawking. For example, the attractive girls in the class are too worried about looking cute rather than paying attention; either by fixing their make-up or doing their hair. This takes the boys attention off what the teacher is doing and focuses on what the pretty girl is doing. Same thing goes for the good-looking guys in a classroom.

Another distraction is what’s going on outside the door which is usually near a window. Sometimes kids aren’t just distracted, it could have to do with how slow they work; which could also make them fall behind. Students think they’ll look unwise if they have a question about something, so they’ll remain quiet. For some reason students care about what the other students thinks of them. So by keeping quiet they can’t say anything senseless if asked a question. Plus the amount students do not allow the teacher a teacher to focus on student’s individual needs.

Correspondingly all students work at a different pace and in a traditional classroom, teachers don’t have time to wait. Another main distraction is the student’s friends. They tend to distract others who are trying to concentrate, but are unable to. Usually because their friend has something important to tell them, or they need to catch up something along that line. Teacher’s think they’ve solved the problem by moving the chit-chatter, but they haven’t. There’s always going to be someone to talk to in a setting like that.

Mobile technology is another disruption to classrooms. Things such as cell phones and iPods are a constant distraction. Even if they check it to see if there is a message from a parent, those few seconds put different thoughts in their minds and detract away from the teacher’s instruction. There are always going to be these distractions in a traditional classroom that decrease students ability to learn in that environment. Unless they are completely eliminated from the school, they’re almost impossible to avoid.

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